HHow difficult is it for Muslims, even in the top positions such as chief marketing officers, to shun their jihadi mindset? Can years of education from premier institutions educate them not to run their jihadi agendas in the name of brand advertisement?

Whether Tata group’s brand strategy is officially seeking the shelter of love jihad advertisement campaigns? Should united Hindus against the jihadi propaganda stop without demanding the exit of the Tata Tanishq’s jihadi officials? These are the questions of the moment striking in the minds of the people deeply hurt by the recent love jihad advertisement released by the Tata Tanishq.

The cases of love jihad are rising. One can find many videos of Muslim boys accepting that they are paid several thousand to lakhs of rupees if they take one Hindu girl fall in love and convert her to Islam. And, when those Hindu girls refuse to convert, they kill them and throw their dead bodies in gutters packed in the suitcases.

Hindus have seen so many such cheap love jihad advertisements by different firms moral policing the young minds. But, when companies like Tatas run such advertisements, it concerns Hindus deeply that this jihadi agenda has slowly penetrated even the conglomerates of the National importance. This is why Tatas must take moral responsibility and oust their jihadi marketing officials, who are responsible for hurting the sentiments of Hindus.

Let us look at whether Tatas might officially be seeking the shelter of love jihad kinds of advertisements. The chances of such scenarios are very low what most of the netizens are discussing. But if this is the case, Tatas must be really happy now as they are able to segment the market on a religious matrix. Twitteraties are tweeting that it is not the official Tata Group who is at fault; it is one jihadi official who must be responsible for this kind of advertisement.

This also signifies the hypothesis that Muslims reaching even CXO level positions find it difficult to shun their jihadi mindset. French knife attack on the Charlie Habdo officials by a well-educated jihadi tell that years of education can also not wipe their mindset of attacking innocent people and religions. Therefore, Muslims as a community should introspect, and corporations must be extra careful in hiring such jihadi mindset officials. 

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