There was a huge desperation for power displayed by Uddhav Thackeray in the last assembly elections in Maharashtra. UT never talked about the demand for CM chair during the election campaign he jointly did with Devendra Fadnavis of BJP who was clearly declared as CM candidate for the yuti (check AKTK videos with proofs). So from public perspective, vote to SS was same as vote to BJP. But only after election results, UT demanded CM chair from BJP which was promptly refused; following which he fell flat and prostrated towards NCP & Congress – the enemies of SS (untill that moment!) for Maha CM post!

This was followed by humongous uproar in Hindus because the ideology of the party (called Shiv Sena until this conversion ceremony happened) was Hindutva; and UT allied with the enemies of the party (his father, late Shri Balasaheb Thackeray had created and envisioned as a force for upholding Dharma against the anti-Hindutva forces) for the sake of power. Hindus were expressing their anger on the deceit in this one single image.

This viral image will haunt the penguins for the rest of their lives.

When power comes to the undeserved, abuse of power happens. Ego goes sky high and righteousness goes for a toss.

MVA Achievements

➡️ Jihadi appeasement – which never happened in the history of SS;
➡️ Palghar Sadhus Lynching – culprits walk free;
➡️ Navy veteran beaten for fwding this already viral cartoon – that speaks the truth. SS goons got arrested (for namesake) but got bail same day.
➡️ Displaying pride in demolishing Kangana Ranaut’s office.
➡️ SSR murder cover-up on day one as suicide;
➡️ Ensured Swamy39 says that Aditya Thackeray is innocent in SSR case long before CBI enquiry;
➡️ Heavy resistance to CBI enquiry – finally CBI probe after SM outrage for continuous 2 months lead by Arnab’s stellar coverage on the issue!
➡️ Nationwide Topper in covid-19 cases of death by a huge margin;
➡️ Arresting youtubers and other SM warriors speaking about SSR murder conspiracy;
➡️ Kidnapping Arnab from his house for a probable mental/physical torture for a case closed 2 years back by themselves!

Every low from this MVA is the lowest this generation is witnessing, lower than the previous one with each one utterly shocking and disgustingly insane than the previous one.

According to UT, forwarding this cartoon on WhatsApp is highly blasphemous. Please Note and do not share this with anyone; else party workers may reach your home and ‘express’ their disappointment.

Arnab: Villianics

Considering what Arnab might be going through now, it would be cruel to mention this. But this is a must for lessons for each one us dharmics to know.

Public memory is too short and always lives in the ‘now’. Living in the moment is a blissful art when it comes to enjoying any event or environment; but when it comes to dealing with personalities that could influence millions, especially youngsters that could decide the future course of our nation, it becomes extremely important to gauge the person at the helm before giving a big title to him/her. Sometimes it takes lot of time and maturity in public domain to fully understand the nature of a person after deep analysis of his deeds.

Just go back little bit, recollect his coverage (check for yourselves) on:
⤵️ How he hounded Sushma Swaraj ji for months;
⤵️ Many times he insulted and hounded Yogiji before he became CM. He ran fake videos of Yogiji speaking of raping dead bodies of Muslim women. Remember Gorakhpur tragedy?  Remember kathuwa or Akhlaq? He didn’t come to the defense of the righteousness while the vulture media made it international issue.
⤵️He also hounded Fadnavis even for a flood. Didn’t leave any opportunity to attack the CM. When he attacks he’s ruthless – but here, it was not called for if situation is anlalyzed now.
⤵️He is speaking for Sanatan Dharma now, but do not forget how he played into the fake narrative of Swamy Jayendrasaraswathi – who had to be in jail for 7 years and released due to lack of any evidence. Even after case was closed, he ran fake videos of him when he started Republic TV for gaining popularity. 
⤵️Most importantly note the recent Sabarimala issue, how he supported jihadi naxal women to enter into temple.
⤵️ The initial days of CAA protests were crutial and he was highly critical of it with extreme aggression supporting the protests in Assam that were violent in nature & actually done by jihadis and not Assamese. It took him 15 days to change sides to support CAA and move over, but by that time anti-CAA got momentum and blew out of proportion.

He seems to play with emotions of people and randomly chose sides for sensation where he played from the side of adharma intentionally or unintentionally. This shows his lack of applying sense of judgement in the above cases.

Arnab: Heroics

Needless to mention that Arnab is a national hero at the moment sheerly due to his bang on feerless journalism in the last six months during the pandemic; especially starting from the Palghar Sadhu Lynching; and later on continuous coverage of SSR case – and daringly held on to it. The coverage was unprecedented in the TV journalism history that kept the hopes of justice to SSR & Disha still alive. This was ably supported by and acted as mutual boost with the social media warriors alike.

Unconfirmed: But psychotic furious wolves can do worse that this! Hope they don’t get rid of him and get away with it; as they got rid of shame, dignity, sense of responsibility & above all – loyalty to Dharma!


Center is not as simple as tit for tat. Strategic approach cannot be understood or analyzed  from a limited angle. Modi as CM was called and interrogated for 8 hours by CBI in his own State! Shah was in jail for a year without any substantiated charges even though BJP was in power in Gujarat !!

Analyze the past 20 years and evaluate how the patriotic victors have strategized to achieve permanent elimination of anti-national forces! There is a long term strategy, and the big minds there think 10 steps ahead of the adharmic forces to trap them into self-goal that we have already seen several times. Trusting our leaders with a long term perspective can be done only by team building and mass awakening with unity and continuous awareness; and if need be – entering the real ground for display of strength and solidarity. We Hindus seriously lack any on ground strategical events in which jihadis are expert – they just gather in thousands within 15 mins call!

So numbers matter when in bulk/united and not isolated. Center cannot help us in that.

Ask not what the nation can do for you, ask what you can do for the nation – so unite!

Mighty Leaders Think BIG!!

A most inspiring episode is that of elimination of Afzal khan,  the most powerful kink of Bijapur Sultan and liquidation of his 70,000 strong army by Shivaji Maharaj whose strength was just 4000! It is pertinent to note that Shivaji had to face ridicule and distrust by his own followers and supporting population when he kept cool while Afzal Khan destroyed Tulja Bhavani Mandir,  Kolhapur Lakshmi Mandir and Pandaripur Panduranga Mandirs. Mandirs were re built after killing Afzal and decimation of the one lakh army to a few handful of survivors!

Welcome to Fascism

Why is MVA doing this?

To save baby penguin! You know there’s something called putra-moha that the great Tiger fell for resulting in the breakup of the party, and handing over the reins of the kingdom to a wildlife photographer – the photos, none of us have seen! So the same putra-moha caught up with papa penguin and is shamelessly executing all the powers granted by her highness Antonio Mafia & another anti-nationalist party certified by ‘congress’ name in the middle. Congress is anyways anti-national, but this flavour is that of dawood the nexus of which is well known. Due to SSR case, Bollywood’s connection with drugs thrown from their aka in karachi is much more clearer now.

All the luytens, jihadi media who are celebrating this event should know that situation can change anytime in future. Time to unite against this tyranny. Let’s hope that better sense prevails, democracy prevails, all the topmost powers in the nation work towards getting our HERO back from the hell before they finish him!!

And the most importantly we as Bharatiyas should unite and remember this quote – NEVER FORGET, NEVER FORGIVE !

Until then go through some SM posts that speak thousand words and gives a bigger perspective.

WARNING: Any resemblance of names/faces with existing living creatures is purely coincidental!

Dark Days Ahead for Dharma

These are not just Arnab’s eyes, but the eyes of Dharma seeking unity in us to stand for the righteousness with respect to humanity & justice.

It is indeed a tragic news that breaks in about jihadi appeaser, hardcore communist Biden winning as the President of the USA.

China’s coronavirus trick will succeed as Biden is a product of Chinese communism and the Chinese propaganda factories like CNN, WaPo, NYT work for him – the same way our communist-cum-jihadi presstitutes like NDTV, The Wire, The Quint, Scroll, The Print work for anti-Hindu parties like the Congress, AAP, TMC, TRS and other regional anti-Hindu, anti-BJP parties.

Stay united, stay smart, be conscious about all the happenings, who is playing what game, think BIG, boycott Bollywood, boycott all entities/products that support and promote adharmic ideologies.

Dharma vs adharma game has begun – chose your side, and play with full force!

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