In a shocking development Karima Baloch, a well-known Baloch activist and Pakistani refugee in Canada was found dead today. She was missing from 3pm on Sunday and her body was located today at Harbourfront. All Pakistan watchers and sympathisers of Baloch human and political rights suspect the hand of the Pakistani deep state in her untimely death. Noted Pakistani refugee and Canadian national Tarek Fatah condemned her death as a great loss for the Free Balochistan movement. Tarek Fatah urged the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau to ensure that a very thorough investigation is done and the reasons behind her mysterious death are unearthed.

Karima Baloch, a pretty, articulate and able 36-year-old woman leader, was the face of Free Balochistan Movement, she was forced to flee Pakistan as there were four life threatening attacks on her by the Pakistani army. Her house was attacked by mortar shells, there was several attempts made by the Pakistani establishment to kill her as she was a very effective student leader and the Chairperson of the Balochistan Student Organisation. She led several protests in Balochistan against the brutal oppression of Baloch people and exploitation of Balochistan’s natural resources by Pakistani establishment. While she lived in Balochistan till 2016 she was always clad in a Burqa with her face totally covered so as to avoid recognition and spotting by the Pakistani establishment trying to eliminate her as they have eliminated thousands of other Baloch leaders. Thus, in 2016, she somehow managed to flee Balochistan and reached Canada and applied for refuge. She was thereafter granted refuge by the Canadian government.

We have seen many videos emerge from Balochistan showing the torture of protesting Baloch people by the Pakistani establishment, in fact the Pakistani army showers arial bombs on its own citizens in Balochistan because they protest against severe exploitation of Balochistan’s resources by the Pakistani establishment while leaving them in a totally impoverished state with no roads, hospitals, schools or any form of development. Notably, now Pakistan exploits Balochistan’s resources and hands them over to China to build its CPEC and subjugate them.

It is pertinent to note here that of late there is a trend of Pakistani army officials and ISI men seeking premature retirement and settling down in Canada. It is suspected that these ex-Pakistani deep state men still serve the ISI and its army by trying to trace the Baloch leaders who have taken refuge in Canada and elsewhere in Europe like Sweden, Canada, Switzerland etc and get them eliminated. As recently in Sweden a very prominent Balochi journalist Sajjad Hussain was murdered, he went missing in March 2020 and was found dead in May 2020. It is appalling that the world community of civilized western countries allows retired personnel of the Pakistani deep state to migrate to their country when it is a well-established fact that Pakistan is a state which officially follows Terrorism as a State Policy. What can be more evident when Pakistan was found harbouring the most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden protecting him in an army cantonment at Abbottabad in Pakistan and allowing him to marry many more women and father many children while the US and its allies was busy hunting him in Afghanistan after the 26/11 terror attack.

The Western world has to realise you cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds as in due course of time the hounds you encourage in your backyard will take over your own countries and the western Christian culture and society would be subsumed by the Islamic fundamentalists. While Justin Trudeau capriciously interferes in the internal affairs of India by promoting Khalistani terrorists’ sponsored ‘Farmers’ Protest’ against the new Farm Bill which is actually beneficial to the Indian farmers and enables them to earn five times their current income by setting them free from the encumbrances of APMC mandi control regime; a true activist, Karima Baloch, and bold voice against gross human rights violations by the Pakistani establishment is silenced under his watch. Is Justin Trudeau promoting the cause of Pakistan, which employs terrorism as a state policy?

Also, Karima Baloch was one sister of PM Narendra Modi ( as she sent a Rakhee to the PM in 2016 on Raksha Bandhan Day) who he could have provided more help in her struggle to enforce the human rights of her people in Balochistan to make Free Balochistan a reality.

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