Jihad is evident in Sufi writings. Sufism was one of the first jihadi activity against kafirs in the guise of spirituality.

Sufism was an attempt by Muslims to investigate how they can fulfill their gazwaEHind fantasy. The edicts by the ugly and overweight dictator Sayyid Ali Hamdani makes one’s spine shiver.

As a dictator, Hamdani imposed commandments on kafir Hindus first in Kashmir as a pilot project. Hindus were forbidden to construct any temples and they were actually prevented from stopping entry of radical Muslims inside temples. This in essence weakened the religious aspect and moral confidence of Hindus in Kashmir as they were subjected to “leave” their religion in one way or another.

One of the other edicts imposed on Hindus was encouragement of embracing Islam. Mind you, not embracing so called “Sufism,” but embracing parent of Sufism — Islam. Hindu families were forbidden from interfering from any conversion attempts which forced Hindus to convert (or die).

Sufism, under the pretense of softer jihad activities took over temples and many were destroyed with the edict stating that fallen temples must not be rebuilt or reconstructed. Not only temples, but Kashmiri Hindus were forced to take Muslims as house guests and shower with hospitality as per Islamic expectations.

Muslims were allowed to carry weapons and have possessions such as jewels, horses but a Hindu could not own this nor could a Hindu employ a Muslim in their affairs. Muslims however could do as they please with Hindu men, women and children.

Sufi dictator Hamadani did not even allow Hindus to cremate the dead!!

I hope that Amit Shah has half a brain to truly assess the atrocities committed by Islamic Sufis and realizes that praising Sufism is akin to praising genocide of Kashmiri Hindus at the hands of contemporary jihadis who are still very much engaged in the same practices as before. Shah’s ill-informed tweet might be a political move but it’s had a negative impact on his usually savvy reputation.

Forget the idiotic tweet, Mr. Shah, Hindu atmas will not forgive you for staying silent on the pogroms in Bengal and Kashmir.

Jai Shri Ram.

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