I remember watching Sushil Sir for the very first time on an Indian English news channel’s prime-time debate since the time of Non-Left Ecosystem’s build-up post 2014. The debate was on the ethnic genocide which Kashmiri Pandits (or KPs) had to face way back in 1990 and Sushil Sir was a panelist to keep his point regarding the topic. I was already disturbed by hearing about various barbaric incidents faced by KPs as Anupam Kher Sir had narrated on news channels. But on hearing Sushil Sir’s points my mindset on the Kashmir issue changed dramatically overnight.

(Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times YouTube Interview Video of Mr. Sushil Pandit)

It was Sushil Sir who made me realize that the Kashmir issue about which all of us have been watching on numerous news channels isn’t a political hot potato but about demography that charts out the future of the border state along with India’s territorial integrity concerns. As a Class 10 student, I had read about the Direct Action Day in my History book and thought that it was just an incident about communal violence. But on hearing Sushil Sir’s take regarding the issue, I realized that Direct Action & Noakhali violence were more about Abrahamic supremacy, forced religious conversions & ethnic genocide for demographic manipulation of land masses that have been existing since Akhand Bharat (Ancient United India) times.

Sushil Sir made me realize that we as a country (rather than just a nation state) need to follow the path of ‘Dharma.’ We did follow this path during Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji’s tenure to win the 1965 Indo-Pak war. One of his latest tweets frankly signals that if a geographically small nation like Israel can go to any lengths for safeguarding it’s territorial integrity then what and why should anything hold back the Parliamentary Republic of India? I strongly agree with him that since the 15th of August, 1947 our country has been facing 2 Pakistans at both sides of the border that glorify the idea of Jihad resulting in a 1000 cuts (this side of the border meaning aggressive running into the establishment like Shaheen Bagh protests).

Sushil Sir in my humble opinion is an intellectual in true sense of the term. I strongly agree with him that KPs who’ve had to flee their homes in the Kashmir Valley should not be treated like natural calamity victims but as victims of a holocaust that could have been avoided by scrapping Article 370 & controlling Pak sponsored Cross-Border religious fanaticism decades ago.

His pinned tweet on Twitter makes me think that Sushil Sir is surely a genuine social and humans rights activist than the woke ones we get to see on TV news. He always iterates that his community should be addressed as Kashmiri Hindus than Pandits/Brahmins and is thus a sign of Hindu Unity that all we Indian Polytheists badly need at this juncture. It’s surely a privilege for me to follow his Twitter profile @neelakantha on topics like History, Current Affairs, Demography and Human Rights.



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