Pakistan faces further embarrassment after having its Planes impounded by Malaysia, several other hotels and physical assets owned by it seized in various nations for not paying up its debts.

The United Nations has now cautioned the staff of all its agencies worldwide not to travel by any Pakistan-registered airlines, including the national flag carrier, due to concerns over dubious flying licenses of its pilots.

Shockingly, the Pakistani Civil Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan had claimed on the floor of the National Assembly in July last year about dubious licenses issued to pilots in Pakistan.

The advisory issued by the UN Security Management System (UNSMS) states:

Due to ongoing investigation of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Pakistan … due to dubious licenses caution is advised on the use of Pakistan- registered air operators”.

The caution extends to all the UN Agencies, including the UN Development Programme, World Health Organization, UN High Commission for Refugees, Food and Agriculture Organisation, UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization and others.

It effectively means the UN officials working in Pakistan cannot travel by any Pakistan registered Airline even domestically.

The advisory also listed the Pakistan registered airlines which are to be shunned: Pakistan International Airlines, Air Eagle, Air Indus, Air Blue, Aircraft Sales and Services, Askari Aviation, Hawk Adventure Air, Hybrid Aviation, IAMC Airline, Meezab Aviation, Rayyan Air, Serene Air, Star Air Aviation and Vision Air Aviation.

The UN should pass resolutions to not allow such flying coffins in any international air space as it not only endangers the lives of people who board these flights but also others who can become victim of air crashes on the ground when it crashes on buildings housing hospitals, schools, residential areas, commercial complexes, etc.

The million dollar question is whether Pakistan has any planes left to be flied by its ill-trained fake pilots?

The other larger looming question is would Pakistani Jihadis use it as a ruse to drive their flying coffins into buildings like the WTC Towers in 9/11 terror attacks in America and later claim it happened by mistake as they were fake pilots? Such scenarios cannot be discounted for the official terror sponsoring state of Jihadistan oh sorry Bikharistan Pakistan.


News Source: UN cautions staff against flying by any Pakistan-registered airline – Times of India (indiatimes.com)

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