Recently i came across a post on twitter talking about millions of Hindus going in mosques and churches in search of salvation or seeking redemption of their miseries. Being a Hindu i wondered what might have made those Hindus to search options in deities or change their priority to redemption? After going through various records, the answer i could find was symbolism or if to be defined in modern context it is visual merchandising of faith.

India has been the land of holy Sanatana dharma ‘Hindu” with archeological and scientific evidences proofs approving the existence from at least 14 millennia, all those evidences are highlighting the presence of devout Hindu philosophy follower as we relish the heralding of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Vedic epochs. Despite of such rich evidences how come modern day Hindus are bewildered in their faith? What could be the reason of altered faith choices?

As i said, “Visual merchandising” or symbolic vacuum dominated by competing faiths and supported by confusing constitutional recommendations often taken by face values under the garb of insidious ideology. Prominence of Mosques and Churches in public spaces, commercial promotion of those other faith places has attracted millions of Hindus getting attracted towards them along with alluring practices being conducted by Church and mosques people under the garb of secular proxy weapon.

As evident from history Hindu philosophy was under constant attack from crusading religious ideologies of Abrahamic religious followers which subjected millions of native Hindus to go through monstrous ordeal of bloody suppression and slaughtering, forcing the poor followers Hindu faith surrender to bloody conversions. May be a forced mind could accept the conditions of tyranny for the sake of life but faith remains a subject of inner values which i think our ancestors continued to follow despite of wearing the expected face value from the oppressor and this approach may also explain why despite of millennial butchering couldn’t convert Hindus to Abrahamic faith as in case of Zoroastrian and Persian lands evacuated by their followers of modern-day Iran, Turkey, Syria and other middle eastern nations.

Well retorting back to my contention of bewildered Hindu finding solace in alternate faith owes to the reason created by symbolic merchandising by Islamic and Christian followers, here i am presenting a list of lost Hindu symbols at the hand of crusading marauders of Islam and Christian followers in the past and if that continues than time is not away when main places of Hindu faith will dwarf before these well marketed onslaught.

There are thousands of mosques all over India either build upon the ruins or destroyed holy temples of Hindus, more so many mosques all over India which are known to local tradition and the archeology survey of India as built on the site of and, quite frequently, from the materials of, demolished Hindu temples.

Most of them carry inscriptions invoking Allah and the Prophet, quoting the Quran and giving details of when, how and by whom they were constructed. The inscriptions have been deciphered and connected to their historical context by leaned Muslims epigraphists. The following few inscriptions have been selected in order to show that-

  1. Destruction of Hindu temples continued throughout the period of Muslim dominations.
  2. It covered all parts of India-east, west, north and south;
  3. All Muslim dynasties, imperial provincial participated in the “pious performance.

As same with ideologues of Christian faith as well, most of the modern-day Churches are either being built near Hindu temples or having their names taken similar to Hindu practices. The only purpose of this symbolic marketing is to trap innocent Hindu in their nefarious planning and once trapped the cycle of demonizing ancient Hindu custom starts at the hands of representatives of Abrahamic faith by means of comparing or intellectual exploitation.

I deem its pertinent for the Hindus to give away those alluring sloganeering or attractive sermons and shall continue to find solace in their faith as well.

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