Lord ganesh is one among the foremost amazing and majorly worshipped deities in hinduism. He is the lord of wisdom and intelligence while also considered the remover of obstacles. (Click here to know more about the amazing ganesh!!!)

He’s also worshipped first before starting any project,work or maybe worship. Ganesh or vinayak chaturthi, also referred to as Sankashti chaturthi.(in Maharashtra,Southern India) is the festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesh.

it’s¬†mainly observed by Hindus¬†also¬†as some Sikhs,Jains also.It is celebrated largely in India and Nepal while also in USA,Russia, South Asian¬†and a few¬†South American countries where the hindu population lives. (Check out~ 9 amazing facts about Hinduism!!)

It is believed that on¬†today¬†, Lord shiva announced that before starting anything Lord Ganesh will always be worshipped.¬†it’s¬†believed that Lord Ganesha comes from his abode Kailash to this world and lives for 10 days¬†together with his¬†devotees.

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After the top of this festival, Lord ganesh returns back to his abode. In this festival; the idol of Shri Ganesh is brought and is about up in houses,homes or publicly in mandaps or pandals (Temporary stages). Then after 10 days from the beginning , the idols are immersed in any nearby lake or any water body.

This symbolizes that Shri ganesh has returned to his abode. People keep ganesh chaturthi fast, visit ganesh temples or worship him in their houses. Click here to read more!!

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