The Chinese, and the People’s Liberation Army- PLA – is the armed force unit of the People’s Republic of China, founded by the Chinese Communist Party- CCP.

Other than THE virus and making cheap quality products that don’t last, China is also well-known for sticking it’s nose in India’s internal affairs. For decades the Chinese have tried to create disharmony and even unrest between the locals in Eastern Indian states and the Government of India. The separation of locals from their governments and driving a wedge between the governed and those who govern is an old, predictable strategy employed by the CCP and often carried about by the PLA.

Given the recent engagements of the Indian armed forces with the PLA brings out the hypocrisy of the CCP – the constant attempts by the Chinese state-sponsored media to try to convince the world that the Indian army is not under the control of the Government of India and that soldiers have gone rogue. This is the latest strategy being used by the desperate Chinese because they have been unable to keep up a fair fight with the Indian troops.

China is also famous for the Covid-19-Chinese virus and their fair-weather friendship with the failed Islamic Republic of Pakistan is driving their International policy against India. In order to draw attention away from the Chinese virus the Chinese Emperor Xi Jinping has invented a problem with India so that attention can be diverted away from the global devastation caused by the Chinese virus.

Is the CCP asleep? Has Emperor Jinping gone rogue? Who is sanctioning the continuous bad decision making within the Emperor’s palace? Will the Chinese learn their lessons or continue to bitch, cry and whine about India to the UN Security Council and seek solace in their useless but cheaply kept mistress Pakistan? They have over-played the lame Kashmir card and now India is showing them who is boss.

China is failing on multiple fronts. Indian troops continue to embarrass the PLA making it look like the PLA are ill-trained cowards and the same thing is reflected in Chinese governance. The CCP seems too cowardly to tell Jinping that the Emperor has no clothes.  

Image: South China Morning Post

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