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We have to commend the Democrats in the US for their incredible mesmerising powers. The party that promoted slavery in the past has managed to hoodwink not just the black voters, but also many people of colour (PoC) in supporting them.  This wolf in sheep’s clothing has brainwashed PoC so well that today we see them fighting battles for their white masters in the Democratic Party. It seems you can legislate away slavery, but the enslaved mind always remains firmly in the grip of the masters.  Even Indians in America have fallen for this trap with many still casting their votes for the Democrats.

Narendra Modi in Ayodhya
Narendra Modi in Ayodhya

When PM Modi introduced the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) bills the ‘liberal’ wokes around the world had a collective paroxysm.  They came together to undermine not just India, but every Indian.  Funded by the extremists, riots in India were promoted through their ‘Indian’ looking mouthpieces to echo their anti-India narrative.  Fortunately for all of us, in PM Modi we have a leader who takes on these challenges and beats them at their own game. In India, Indians are waking up and realising that the imperialist powers of yesteryears, in all their guises, still harbour the thought to rule via their puppets. We all know who they are! 

As India becomes more powerful, the attacks from its enemies from the East and the West will increase. These enemies have eye watering budgets to fund the social media warriors, the influential think tanks, the political lobby groups and the media narrative.  Sadly this is one (among many) areas in which India fails dramatically.  Whilst billions of Dollars are provided to the anti-nationals, sometimes I wonder why the Indian government or the high net worth billionaires don’t set aside a sizeable budget to support its Dharmic warriors?  The fight as we currently see is taken on mostly by true Indians around the world who use their own initiative to challenge the anti-India forces.  Can you imagine how much more powerful we could be in not chasing our tails and responding to attacks, but being the very people who set our own international agenda?

This week we saw the publishing house Bloomsbury take a daft decision not to publish a book that tells the truth about the recent Delhi riots. Ironically in their ‘Mission Statement’ it states, ‘Our editorial decisions are informed by a belief in the freedom of speech’ – humbug comes to mind!  The book they want to erase is titled, ‘Delhi Riots 2020’, written by Monika Arora, Sonali Chitalkar and Prerna Malhotra. The good news, it has now been published by Garuda Prakashan Pvt Ltd (you can order your copy from here: and it has become one of their biggest sellers ever.  So much for censorship by the lily-livered left! People power cannot be subjugated indefinitely.

Getting back to America, we see a move by the Democrats to make a public statement on CAA and NRC. Democrats are claiming that women, Dalits and gay and transgender people, along with Muslims, are being “imprisoned in massive detention centres” in India. With such blatant lies, major cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Albany, St. Paul, Hamtramck and Cambridge have passed resolutions condemning India and the Indian government.  The lobbyist for such action are Islamist extremist organisations, left wing lobby groups and various international organisations that are linked to Islamists, Marxists and socialist lobby groups.

Joe Biden the Presidential candidate for the Democrats (and Kamala Harries the VP designate) have expressed concern over the deteriorating situation in Kashmir, saying India should “take all necessary steps to restore rights for all the people of Kashmir”. In one sentence Biden expressed how the Democrats are in the hands of the Pakistani lobby. Here we have got two aspiring leaders of the most powerful nation in the world who are lying about India and Kashmir. By the clever use of words they send a signal to the Muslim community, especially the Pakistani community and Pakistan, that when it comes to Kashmir the Democrats are pro-Pakistan and anti-India.  This is not new, the game of duplicity by Democrats has been played before.  The only surprise being that there still remain some incredibly silly Indians in America who continue to vote for these rogues.

When November comes, the question that true Indians around the world will be asking is, where do American Indians stand?  Despite all the evidence, will they still vote for the Democrats, the anti-India party?  Or will they exhibit the power of their vote to teach the Democrats a lesson?  Will our brothers and sisters across the pond be slaves of the Democrats? Or will they finally free themselves from the skullduggery of the Democrats?

This election in the USA is hugely important for India. We don’t have to like President Trump or the Republicans, but at least we know they are more pro-India than the Democrats.  In the end, every Indian must reconcile their conscience by asking a simple question: are you with India or are you with Pakistan? If you answer that correctly then your duty of care becomes very clear.

I call upon all Dharma Rakshaks to join me. Arise, awake and do not stop until the goal is reached.

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