In this post , I will expose what a dirty game was played by Pakistan Army (and is still being played ) . This LONG con has not only duped lives (and money) of Indians but Pakistani (who have borne the cost of it , quite literally ) .


Pak Army deceiving world, plans to use TTP as a pawn domestically, globally  - The Sunday Guardian Live

Pakistan was created by a bunch of greedy men , greedy for Power and money that comes along with it . It was not created for Muslims , in anticipation of Hindutva fascism against Muslims etc, . That was the drama played out and used to gaslight Muslims into fighting for (and getting killed ) a new nation . Mr. (Shia) Jinnah wanted power and he knew even more power hungry Nehry would not let than happen. So when stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, he did what all shameless , opportunistic , ethicless person would do , he used his victim card of religion . Let’s play the trope that Muslims will not be safe in Hindu Majority India . Let’s use the Religion card . Works EVERY TIME . Tried and tested . that was supposed to be used as a blackmail card against Nehru .And even if it did not work out , the new nation would give them all that they wanted , ten times over . WIN WIN for them. BUT , Nehru did not budge . DAMN , so the buttons were pressed and the catastrophe happened .

Well the rich , power hungry greedy , opportunistics , were ALWASY HAPPY . They got what they thirsted , ABSOLUTE POWER . While the awaam , the foolish Pakistani citizens were gaslighted into believing how they had been saved by (now converted to Sunni ) Qaede Azam Jinnah who had fought (like made 10 speeches while living in 5 Star hotels and sipping Wine), to give them a nation for Muslims .

Then came the even more opportunistic and even more greedy block , The Army Generals . They smelt an opportunity to become RICH and get POWER . So how exactly do you get VERY VERY RICH and GET UNLIMITED POWER . Well one can only become important if you are a savior , the ones saving people from death , rape , destruction . So So how do you convince (read fool people ) into thinking that you are the savior , is no one wants to destroy you , there is NO ENEMY ? YOU CREATE ONE . Yups , that’s what Pakistan Army did . They created an ENEMY who wanted to destroy Pakistan , INDIA .

They created a LONG , ELABORATE plan to convince Pakistanis and Pakistani Government that they were under threat by Indians . This started in 1950’s , when no TV existed , no social media , no live cams. Fake attacks and small fights were (many times) staged to show that imminent threat was looming .

Fake images , news , videos of Kashmiri suffering , Kashmiri women being raped , Kashmiri youth being killed were circulated in all newspaper ,(all while plans were underway to kill Kashmiri Hindus expelled ) which brainwashed the foolish Pakistani Public believe that they needed to liberate their fellow Kashmiri Muslim . And who woudl do that , ah the savior Pakistan ARMY . WHAT A PLAN .

Luckily for Pakistan , China attacked India , and India lost as we did not have enough money to fight the war. China had come up with the “Let’s ocnquer the world plan ” and for that they needed a road route to Middle East . India would never oblige so let’s take it and then take help from China. YES THAT WAS THE LONG TERM PLAN .

The wars by Pakistan started being funded by China , who saw Pakistan (hence their army ) as paid sacrifical lambs , foot soldiers for the dirty war which they wanted to play for World Domination . China got to play safe , while NOT being in forefront and being labelled as war monger , but just paid money to Pakistan (read Pakistan ARMY ) . So Pakistan Army pretty much ATE most of the money given by China, US and became VERY VERY RICH . Well not everyone , the top brass, top generals amassed wealth beyond reality while playing the media and becoming the heroes , saviors who won all wars for Pakistan and are helping to save fellow Kashmiri Muslims. WIN WIN . They gained unprecedented heroes like CULT Status, ever surpassing politicians. India sensing a growing snake cut off their limbs in Bangladesh , which made them weak .

China saw multiple ventures where they could construct their MEGA VISIONARY Belt Road Project , to ship their cheap manufactured goods all across the world . They would also give cheap loans to Pakistan and then take ten times over due to lack of repayment.

They had ALL the money , power ,contacts in Beijing, Kremlin , Washington D.C. and public support , they did take over government , a few times .

They continued taking money from ALL , filling their pockets , fooling naive Pakistanis that they are the savior against tyrant , fascist , anti muslim Hindu India and spinning this fake narrative via their media and fake videos . The top brass made properties in Dubai , UK , USA , investments etc. Wealth beyond imagination .

I saw all the news , video , images , articles that were printed about Kashmiri Muslims being harssed, killed by Indian Army etc. ALL were fake , no basis no fact , jut non stop fake news and videos. This was done on purpose . Keep people angry , spin a (fake) Hindutva Anti Muslim narrative , portray yourself as savior , justify HUGE spending of the budget (80% of which would eventually go into pockets of top brass of ARMY ). They kept the fake news factory running to be the savior and become important and gain power.

The post 9/11 war helped them even more . Billions poured in from US and LOTS of it went to the top brass of Pakistan. They betrayed their own Muslims for money . China was financing to keep India engaged at Kashmir , to keep India diverted while they worked on Arunachal Pradesh , Bhutan . So like an ethicless prostitute Pakistan Army took money from all, promising allegiance to all while being loyal to none and making money .

Kargill was a last ditch effort by Pakistan Army to gain unprecedented CULT like HERO status and become the de facto power leaders Pakistan . Alas that failed misreably . But ALL TOP brass got more properties in UK , US .

This was the dirty game which was played by Pakistan Army all this while. India , Hindus were made the villains , the Satan for them to become Messiah for Naive , gullible Pakistani citizens. Spreading fake news about Kashmiri Muslim facing atrocities, justify sky-high spendings , become savior , gain cult-like status and basically MAKE MONEY . It was all bout making money and gaining POWER .

Also China did not just fudn Pakistan , to keep India from progressing and engaged. All teh so called liberals , NGO anto nationals are funded by China via various middlemen to keep India away from becoming a global Superpower. All media houses are on payrolls of China (and a certain political party ) . India was the biggest threat to China’s aim for Global Dominance . So destabilizing India was their agenda which was being achieved via Pakistan, Media , NGO ‘s , intellectuals , International Award Winners, International Media , blah blah .



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