Every day is a new day. We are a part of this infinitely beautiful yet scary universe that is eternal yet constantly changing even if in a subtle way. We live in a constant flux of change where the sun rises, bringing us light, and the hustle bustle of life, and when the sun sets, bringing us holy darkness so that we may rise again. So nature teaches us how going through the ups and downs of life is just part of the fabric of the universe.

Sometimes we are sad, other times we are happy. Sometimes we are joyous, and other times we experience sorrow. We gain, and we lose. These emotions are essential to growing up, and becoming resilient, and teaching us to remain strong, and steadfast as we journey through this life. It’s learning how to accept what comes our way with bravery, strength and courage while knowing that nothing is permanent, that we are simply divine souls navigating the Earthly plane.

We belong to the Creator, and that is where we will return. So live your best life and stay present, attuned to the mysteries of the universe because your intuition knows what is right for you. It is there to teach you, guide you, and to keep you safe. It has your best interests at heart. So cultivate a connection to yourself, and learn how to listen to your inner voice. Stay kind and compassionate to yourself and others especially at times when you feel like you are in turmoil.

I thank the universe for the lessons it has to teach me and that help me evolve into a higher consciousness. I pray every day for the world to heal, and let myself be transformed by the power of nature. I see life in the little ant that is trying to cross the sidewalk, the baby bird chirping for its mother, or the stray cats that are just trying to survive the streets. They are divine beings that have their own purposes in life, and do not cause the Earth or its people harm.

I believe in the power of a collective, focusing our energies on healing ourselves and the world around us. May we connect to the divinity within us, and work on what truly nourishes our soul. Let’s concentrate on creating positive vibrations, and cultivating peace. You have the power to make a difference.

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