“The Conversion”, This movie is a must-watch for every Hindu. It’s the first Indian or foreign film which systematically analyses and exposes Love Jihad.

If “TKF” was the story of our humiliating defeat, “The Conversion “ is the story of our potential victory. It depicts the story of the current battlefield. This is a battle we have to prevail in order to win the war.

1. When a Hindu girl leaves her parents and her culture for the sake of romantic love, what happens to her afterwards?
2. Your precious daughter leaves home one fine morning to live with a “peaceful “ man. As her mother or father, how would you deal with this crisis ?
3. You realize that your daughter is living a miserable, slave-like existence after leaving home. What would you do ?
4. Will your community or Constitution help you to rescue her?
5. What are the different methods they use to trap our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers?
6. What can you do to protect our women from this deadly virus ?
7. What’s Nikah halala?
8. And finally, what’s the ultimate solution for this nightmare ?

This movie will provide you with all the right answers.

Single dose vaccine against Love Jihad !

Release Date – April 22

*Save Our Daughters*

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