All through my schooling years, I was taught that Gandhi was a Mahatma. Just like everyone else, I was fooled into believing this lie and then came my moment of truth when read about the ‘Moplah Genocide’. I read more, watched videos and realized that Indians have been taken for a ride in the name of this man. By the end of my readings and analyses, I lost all respect for MohanDas KaramChand Gandhi. Few days back, when one of my friends shared a post on Facebook, it stirred up my pent up emotions and here I am sharing the evil design inherent in ‘Mahatma’s Personality’. The world at large, still high on a fake narrative, calls him a messiah of peace and secularism. Truth is far from it and let me explain why.

The Moplah violence in 1921, a communal riot to establish the Islamic Caliphate, led to a massacre against the Hindus by the Muslims of Kerala.. Hindus were raped, killed mercilessly, tortured, converted and their properties were looted by the rioting Muslims. The atrocities against Hindus did not stop there. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar called out this pogrom to be ‘blood-curdling atrocities committed by the Moplas in Malabar against the Hindus” . He said that ‘Mr. Gandhi was so obsessed by the necessity of establishing Hindu-Muslim unity that he was prepared to make light of the doings of the Moplas and the Khilafats who were congratulating them. While Gandhi was trying to whitewash the communal crimes of Muslims, let you and me speak about the details of the horrors and then decide if these Muslims can ever be pardoned. Akin towards what ISIS thinks and does, these barbarians forced mass conversions of Hindus. Just like the Buddha statues were damaged in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, they damaged Hindu temples left right and center. As if rapes and murders weren’t enough, the pregnant Hindu women were killed alive and their bodies were ripped open to maul even the unborn fetus and yes, all this went unpunished!! Can you and me ever imagine this hatred?

In short, all the accompaniments of brutal and unrestrained barbarism were perpetrated freely by the Moplas. If all these horrors thrust upon my Hindu brothers and sisters weren’t enough, Gandhi made a plea to the Hindus to rationalize the bloodbath by taking recourse in Dharma. Gandhi said and I quote, “I see nothing impossible in asking the Hindus to develop courage and strength to die before accepting forced conversion”. Yes, the same man was painted as non-violent. This lunatic was beseeching the Hindus to hold their ground even as they were being hunted down and butchered. One could quote much more of this utterly disgusting apologist behavior from Gandhi, if it were not so horrific!

I am against violence of any kind but after knowing about the Moplah Massacres and Gandhi’s reaction to it, I was filled with rage and thought to myself – if I had the powers, I would love to resurrect this fake Mahatma & see him getting hanged for Islamic crimes he supported. And call me what you want, I today bravely say – I empathize with Godse. Fake Secularism is dying a slow death in India and I just wish and hope the same for this ‘Mahatma’ from our books too.

Gloria Joseph

A Hindustani Christian

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