Red IPS Dr NC Asthana wrote a twitter thread where he wrote about the immeasurable atrocities faced by Kashmiri Pandits. Here is his Twitter thread –

Those who have any problem with the censor-cleared Kashmir Files, are free to boycott it or make another film to refute it. Fine. However, I have worked in Kashmir in very sensitive and responsible positions since the early 1990s–I know the truth is more scary than what is shown. Except those few who passed away, most of my colleagues from that era are still alive–many of them were KPs themselves. However, all of us are bound by the Official Secrets Act. That is the tragedy of governance. The public can have only an artistic version, not an official one.

1. Kashmir militancy has had three dimensions: military (reflected in attacks on security forces); insurrectional (reflected in organizing of bandhs, strikes, etc.) and; communal (targeted attacks on people of other communities). Besides the recent attacks on a pharmacist..contd
2. and two teachers, previous major communal attacks in J&K have included: the Wandhama massacre (January 1998); Chattisinghpora massacre (March 20, 2000); massacre of Amarnath pilgrims (August 1, 2000); attacks on the Raghunath Temple, Jammu (March 30 and November 24, 2002) and;
3. Qasimnagar massacre of Hindus (July 13, 2002); Nadigram massacre (March 23, 2003); and Doda massacre (April 30, 2006).Truth has to be faced.

As Dr. R. C. Majumdar FRAS said, “History is no respecter of persons or communities. The real means of solving a problem is to know and understand the facts that produced it, and not to ignore them by hiding the head, ostrich-like, into the sands of fiction.If lakhs of people had to leave their homes and become refugees in their own country, it obviously means that they KNEW that their life, limbs, property and honor were no longer safe there. How mean of some pseudo liberals to argue that they were forced or duped to flee! A discredited politician is trying to whitewash gravity of the tragedy by saying that Muslims had also fled. 62,001 families (abt 2.5 lakh) became refugees. The no. of Muslims and Sikhs amongst them was so low that GOI doesn’t even count them separately. The way Kashmir Files has made the pseudo-liberals and the Khan market gang squirm is highly gratifying. Shameless guys say truth should never be told because it could rouse emotions against Muslims. BS! Justice has to be done. The first step towards that is to FACE THE CRIME.

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