In the United States, Thenmozhi Soundrarajan and her Equality Labs is a well-known anti-Brahmin agenda and caste baiting. Prior to the cancellation of her visit to Google, Soundrarajan was in the headlines in 2018 when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hoisted an anti-Brahmin placard that read “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy.” The poster was produced by Thenmozhi Soundararajan, the incident sparked a major controversy in India.

Be it farmers’ protests, or the removal of article 370 in Kashmir, equality labs have always propagated an anti-Indian narrative. Not only this, but Equality Labs also went after Amit Jani, a former staffer for Joe Biden’s campaign, accusing him of promoting ‘Hindu Fascism.’

Even though the anti-farm legislation protests were plainly an attempt by the dominant caste groups in Punjab and Haryana to protect their privilege, the Caste Activist organisation added a ‘Dalit’ element to it.

For a report titled ‘Caste in the United States: A Survey Of Caste Among South Asian Americans,’ Equality Labs cooperated with the Organisation for Minorities in India (OFMI), among other organisations. Bhajan Singh Bhinder, a well-known ISI operative, formed the OFMI, and his associate Pieter Friedrich was also a member.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan joined white supremacists in targeting Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal because of his caste in November 2021. They mistook him for a Brahmin and targeted him because of it. Thenmozhi also claimed that it was a Silicon Valley custom for “White cis-men” to hand over authority to “Brahmin cis-men.”

She said on Twitter, “In the grand silicon valley tradition of white cismen passing the torch to Brahmin cismen, Jack Dorsey is stepping down and Parag Agarwal is the new CEO of Twitter. Will he also remain silent about Caste?”


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