Monika Arora, Prerna Malhotra and Sonali Chitalkar have written a well researched, document based, fact finding book on Delhi Riots and a drunkard Literature Mafia , Son of an English Lord went all the way to get the book banned.

“The cabal let’s out the perpetrators of Charlie Hebdo in India. We are a group of 3 brown women sticking our necks out for the truth. It’s a David vs Goliath fight. We will fight back” says Sonali Chitalkar, one of the writer.

She further asks What was in the book Delhi Riots 2020 that has rattled the lobby? Narratives from Muslim and Hindu Victims, Stories of Dalits who suffered, Maps showing the insidious Urban Naxal Jihadi model of rioting.

What rattled you ?

Sonali Has questioned the Bloomsbury Publication who has withdrawn the book under pressure from Islamist Lobby, “Bloomsbury India we went through all quality checks and you have published the book for us. You have withdrawn under pressure from an international lobby that backs the local Urban Naxal Jihadi lobby. Don’t blame the launch”

these are some of the tweets of Sonali Chital kar :

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