The All India Trinamul Congress (TMC) headed by Mamata Banerjee assumed power in West Bengal after 34 years of oppressive rule of the left promising “Poribortan” or change in the system of moth-eaten governance of state sponsored hartals, politics of bloodshed and corruption. But as the proverb goes the more things change, the more they stay the same. The brutal political murderous group of the CPM called the Harmad simply abandoned the CPM and joined the TMC in hordes once Left lost power. The commission gang of the left who extorted a percentage of every business and construction activity in W.Bengal simply migrated to the TMC. Also, many jihadis joined TMC for political clout by ensuring Mamata Banerjee committed Muslim votebanks, which earlier was Congress’ domain. So, TMC has now become a den of corrupt politicians with penchant for blood bath politics and a jihadi hotbed.

It is ironical that in 2005, in Lok Sabha Mamata vociferously complained against illegal Bangladeshi migrants in Bengal who found their way into the state’s electoral list fraudulently. Mamata accused the then Left government in Bengal of aiding these illegal Bangladeshi infiltrations as they benefit from their votes. She was so agitated on the issue that she even rushed to the well and threw papers containing list of Bangladeshi voters at the Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker, Charanjeet Singh Atwal.

The same Mamata now panders to Islamic jihadis and sweeps under the carpet the monumental demographic disaster of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration in Bengal. In 2018, Mamata opposed the NRC which was meant for identifying the illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims in India by dramatically saying that “it would create civil wars”.

Now according to a news report in published on 04.12.2021, TMC leader has been caught pilfering money from the job schemes under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 and diverting it illegally to his relatives, 13 of whom were Bangladeshis.

The report states that an administrative inquiry in district Murshidabad of W.Bengal has revealed that at least Rs. 7 lakhs were claimed under MGREGA scheme for contractual jobs for villagers and misappropriated by the Upapradhan, Samsul Arfin, of the TMC run Gurapashla gram panchayat, and diverted to his relatives 13 of whom were living in Bangladesh.

Notably, 66.28% of Murshidabad’s population are Muslims, which is the highest among all the districts in Bengal and it shares its eastern border with Bangladesh. 

The inquiry revealed that Arfin made fake job cards for his relatives many of whom were Bangladeshis. Arfin reportedly created multiple jobs in different areas by changing the names of the same beneficiaries. The dubious beneficiaries then withdrew money from banks, post offices and even ATMS.

Reportedly the former Block Development Officer (BDO) of Nabagram conducted an inquiry into the matter on the basis of a written complaint which revealed the involvement of Arfin and other staff members of the Gram Panchayat in this scam. The former BDO then filed an FIR on the matter in December 2019. The police has however not proceeded against the accused till now perhaps due to Arfin’s political connections with the TMC, the ruling party of Bengal. Interestingly, after FIR was registered against Arfin, he approached the Calcutta High Court for anticipatory bail which was rejected by the High Court. Yet the Bengal police under Mamata’s regime failed to arrest and interrogate Arfin.

Notably, the Congress Block President of Nabagram, Mir Badam Ali said, “Arfin embezzled government funds with the help of some staff members. Some of them are even minors. The TMC members made Bangladeshi nationals make money out of a Central government project.”

Thus, it is very shocking that governance in W.Bengal under Mamata Banerjee seems to be pampering and benefitting the illegal Bangladeshis more from central and state funds rather than look after the indigenous poor Bengali Hindus and marginalised Hindu Vanvasis of the state.

In fact, Mamata pampers not just the illegal Bangladeshis but also the illegal Rohingya Muslims many of whom had fled Myanmar after killing many of their Hindu neighbours. About a year back Mamata allowed several huge rallies by jihadi Maulanas in support of the Rohingyas and Bangladeshis saying they would surround Delhi and capture it. The Maulanas made several provocative speeches inciting violence and riots against Hindus, yet Mamata’s police were mute spectators to the event.

 In the border districts of W.Bengal, jihadi Bangladeshi Muslims are found very commonly making bombs in houses and stocking huge cache of arms which are used during elections to kill and intimidate opposition candidates. The NIA had caught several Bangladeshis absconding from Bangladesh law enforcement agencies for conspiring to kill the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

 Additionally, Mamata also bestows state funds to Imams and Muezzins Rs.2500 per month through the Waqf Board to get around the Calcutta High Court’s verdict quashing direct state doles to Imams and Muezzins as unconstitutional. Mamata also famously tried to ban visarjan of Durga murtis as it clashed with Muharram, which was again quashed by the Calcutta High Court as being discriminatory, arbitrary and violative of fundamental rights of Hindus. Then Mamata further issued absurd directives to arrest people who raised the slogan of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ as communal.

These activities of Mamata Banerjee has enraged the Hindus of the state and there is a growing momentum in favour of the Saffron party, i.e., the BJP in Bengal as people are fed up of Muslim appeasement and violent politics of Bengal ever since 1977. If this Muslim appeasement and Bangladeshi infiltration is not stemmed and if they are not identified and deported, Bengal and the rest of India would face a serious demographic crisis leading to several more partitions of India. West Bengal would soon become greater Bangladesh without Hindu Renaissance.


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