It is now emerging that the much touted Tractor Rally did not just unleash terror in Delhi, it has claimed lives of two old women and critically injured three women, who were protesting against farm laws, in Punjab.

A tractor participating in the tractor rally ran over a group of women protestors in Amritsar. Reportedly, in Vallah, Amritsar on Republic Day a tractor rally organised to protest the three farm laws passed by the Modi government ended up in a disaster as a tractor mowed down group of women protestors.

A water tanker ran over a group of women on their way to join the protestors after visiting a gurudwara.

The video of the incident has gone viral in the internet is posted below.

It can be clearly seen from the video that the tractor ran over three women protestors and did not even bother to stop even as it trampled women who were trying to desperately save their lives.

According to reports the driver of the tractor did not even possess a license to drive nor did he know how to drive. The crowd present at the spot, soon nabbed the driver and thrashed him. The injured have been admitted to Guru Ramdas Hospital.

Notably, the Gurudwara near the village had given a call exhorting all residents of the village to join the protest march on 26 January.

The driver has been identified as Makkhan Windy and worked as a Mistry (carpenter).

Surprisingly, despite the news of anarchy, chaos, loss of lives of civilians and policemen brutally beaten up by the goonda elements who were at the fore front of the so-called protest, the Supreme Court insists that the central government should not order the protests as illegal and clear the roads for normal movement of traffic for crores of peace-loving law abiding citizens.

The Supreme Court is fairly responsible for the state of anarchy the nation is plunged into in the name of upholding constitutional rights of right to protest. What about the constitutional and fundamental rights of crores of other citizens who do not subscribe to such mob rule and blackmail politics of a few thousand so-called protestors?

In fact, if one really does a deep analysis of this so-called farmers protest it would whittle down to some political parties, activists with expertise in the art of blackmail and anti-national forces like the jihadis, Khalisthanis, Maoists-Naxalites, Christian conversion mafia. The central government should now tell the Supreme Court to lay off after the mess it has created by supreme judicial overreach in pandering to mobsters, blackmailers and rabid secessionist forces.

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