As per U.S. Naval support activity’s official Twitter handle, they received an anonymous call around 8.45 am today reporting a bomb at building 10 at the Naval support activity base in Bethesda, MD greater WashingtonD.C. area. Building 10 is the Walter Reed National Military hospital in Bethesda.

As per reports a shelter place had been allocated at the Navy base and all gates are closed and appointments for the entire day had been cancelled. 

As per the information from the authorities there was a speculation of an active shooter as well; which was later clarified by the base in a tweet stating “At this time, there is no indication of an active shooter on the installation. But the bomb threat is still under investigation.”

Walter Reed hospital is located inside secured Naval Support Activity base and is an important Hospital where many military personnel with major injuries get treated. Also, this is  the official hospital which deals with any health issues of the President the United States of America. 

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