Uncivilized, illiterate and uncouth, the three adjective that can reveal the truth of Mughal invaders in India. There had been enough of whitewash and fake narrative till date. The entire text book and running few generation had been stuffed with smuggled idea of Mughal intelligence and grandeurs. So many movie, songs, documentary and poetries subtly placed to manufacture an aura around Mughal for nearly a century. The narrative have been displayed and drilled into the subconscious impressionable mind to believe, there existed something called Good Mughal.

Fact that the Invaders era was the ugliest and the darkest period of this great Vedic civilization. Time has come to document the barbaric incident to remind the generation ahead of the sinister conspiracy that the Hindu civilization has undergone.

Hindu Civilization survived and grew for its penchant believe in Knowledge. Ved itself means Knowledge. Mother Goddess Sarswati is the deity of Knowledge. Nalanda University was at its full bloom inviting students from over 50 countries when Cambridge University in Europe was under construction. Look at what happened. A thug invader Bakhtiyar Khilzi burnt and destroyed the University because he and his follower were illiterate. Imagine the slave mindset of those who still defend these brainless desert invaders.

Medieval India had world best architectural grandeur in Sanatani Hindu and Jain Temples. There were no machine to drill, round, polish or making aquiline construct, yet the perfection of those temple architect was better than present day’s machine made architect. Mountains were cut and dig to create sculptors. The handmade carving, contours and curve of the deity were unique. And what happened to these engineering marble. Nearly 40,000 temple were plundered and destroyed. Many of them were converted into mosque.  The story is endless. A Small Sample is exhibited here.

Kashi Viswanath Temple Gyanwapi Mosque
Krishna Janm bhoomi TempleShahi Idgah Mosque
Rudra Mahalaya – Patan- GujaratJami Masjid
Bhojsala –Temple of Saraswati – Dhar MPKamal Maulana Dargah
Adinath Temple – Pandua – West BengalAdina Mosque
Bhadrakali Temple – Ahmedabad Jama Masjid
Vijay Temple Vidisha MPBijamandal Mosque
Dhrub Stambh- Vishnu DhwazKutub Minar
Attala Devi Mandir Jaunpur – UPAtala Mosque
Sarswati Temple Ajmer RajasthanDhai Din ka Jhopra Mosque
Sankaracharya Mandir Sri NagarPather Masjid Sri Nagar

There were cities whose entire existence were dismantled. Think of a city like Hampi which does not exist anymore.  It was destroyed to be made into uninhibited by Deccani Sultan. They could not have conceived the idea of having acknowledged such magnificent existence.

The entire medieval History turn out to be story of brutal murder, conspiracy, deceit. Killing of Brother Father and Sister for acquiring power was normalized. Rape, abduction and Harem became the accepted practice of proprietary and morality.

The idea of Governance, public welfare, construction of Canal, Bridge and water body and agricultural initiative were of no business for Kingdom. No king ever had ever any such vision. India which was Great Trading Power since ancient time. The spies trade of South India had its reach and imprint all over the world up to Rome. But Mughal had no idea about of Maritime/ Naval power. The decline of Naval Military allowed British, French and Portuguese to invade enslaved and loot India for nearly 200 years thereafter.

The concept of Republic/Maha-janpad since the days of Magadha and Gram Sabha Village Committee since the Gupta Kingdom were dismantled. The idea of decentralization of power and coexistence of State were destroyed to create a unitary weak system. The country man were exploited. Kingdom became rich but ordinary citizen squeezed to be poor.

The fact that an era was lost. Hindu civilization, Hindu identity and Hindu way of life was challenged. Yet the ignorance of masses and especially among the new generation have not woken up. Time has come to challenge the old false narrative and set up new truthful narrative.

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