on 16 January 2021 India had started it’s national vaccination program against Covid-19 pandemic. In the beginning it was given to health care workers and frontline workers then over the age of 60 ,then over the age of 45 .Now COVID-19 vaccination in India phase 3 has been approved for every one aged 18 years and above from may1,2021. You can register on cowin website or Aarogya setu.

Many assumption and false information were there in the beginning for vaccine people were bewildered, confused and scared to get the vaccine.it is safe and no side effect the only remedy to get rid of corona .it will reduce the chances to get critically infected from corona and if you get infected it is curable. It is a huge proud that we have made vaccine in our country and our scientists have made it possible. I was watching one of doctors’ interview and she was telling that after got vaccine. I got infected again but symptoms were mild and i got well again in few days with some normal medicine. You can to go your near health center and get vaccine without any charge,There are two vaccine in India covaxin and covishield

Second wave of covid became so dangerous and fatal ,it broke out in a extreme way people are losing loved ones,we have seen huge loss of people.so it’s very necessary to encourage people to get vaccine If I tell you my personal experience to influence people around me about vaccination is, I made them ready for it even I forced my relatives and friends. Through message or call I always asked, did you get vaccine? , I am happy most people who are eligible for vaccine got it, and from may 1, 2021, I will also get.

After vaccination we need to follow covid protocol.mask sanitizer and social distancing all are must. This time covid is more hazardous.

Country like ISRAEL has 81% vaccination and corona free country they are mask free country. They have banned foreigner and without vaccination people. If we will get careful for few months, we can also be covid free country and we can get back to normal life again think about it.

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