Very soon Goa Files – 2 will be released to give the people of Goa information about the atrocities committed during Inquisition :  – Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan 2022

Bhagawan Parshuram is the Deity who protects Goa. During the dark history of Goa, the so-called Saint Francis Xavier was very much instrumental for the inquisition. Hence, it is necessary to pass on the information about the oppressive atrocities committed through the medium of inquisition for over 250 years to the new generation. I am placing before the goans the part-2 of Goa Files. This was stated by Prof. Subhash Velingkar (Retd. Principal), the state Sanghachalak of Bharat Mataki Jai organisation. He was speaking on the subject ‘The successful experiment of devout Hindu organisations : Hindu Raksha Mahaaghadi’. At that time on the dais were present Swami Atmaswaroopanand Maharaj, Pujya Paramatma Ji Maharaj, from Dharwad, Karnataka and Mr Chetan Rajhans, the National spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha.

     Prof. Subhash Velingkar further stated, “The infiltration of Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims has increased a lot in Goa. Muslims are controlling a lot of places in Goa. The radical Muslim organisation Popular Front of India has become active in Goa. The fanatic Muslims in Goa have challenged the Chief Minister of Goa and have dared to give the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad. To face all this, it is necessary to unite the Hindu organisations. As a step towards this, with the help of 350 representatives of big-small organisations we have established Hindu Raksha Maha-aghadi. A five point program of opposing conversion, opposing jihad, protecting the temples, education on Dharma and imparting Hindu sanskar has been decided upon and the Mahaaghadi will function accordingly. All the associated organisations from Goa that are active in various fields will incorporate this five point program in their operations.

All the Saints and Mahatmas should act for establishing the Hindu Rashtra – H.H. (Dr) Paramatma Ji Maharaj, Karnataka
       When Dharma (Righteousness) attacked adharma (unrighteousness), Bhagawan Parshuram lifted His Parshu (weapon). We should idolise Deity Parshuram who acted the unrighteous thus. This is the time to retaliate. To do that every Saint and religious mendicant should demand the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. They should work for establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. This appeal was made by H.H. Paramatmaji Maharaj, Dharwad, Karnataka. He was speaking on the subject ‘Efforts made to unite spiritual organisations to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

         He further added that ‘India is a spiritual land. If we refer to the history of India, we will find that whenever there has been some change, spiritual organisations were mainly instrumental in bringing it. We have a large number of spiritual organisations and Saints. If all of them unite for demanding the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ will not take time’.

Need of teachers who will develop ideal character – H.H. (Dr) Shiv Narayan Sen, Bengal

        During the old times, schools were run in the temple premises. Almost every village had a temple and a school. According to a British officer Thomas Munro, in the year 1826, there were 1,28,000 schools in south India. In these schools, 25% students would be Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishya; shudra students would be more. Later the British changed all this. Even today, education on Dharma cannot be imparted in any school. Hence, all the organisations should unite and press for education on Dharma in schools so that the students will develop ideal character. This appeal was made deputy would be Hindu Rashtra’

Yours Truly,
Ramesh Shinde,
National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

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