The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has released a strongly worded press release demanding immediate action from the State Government to curb the brutal massacre of Hindus in West Bengal, where the ruling party cadres have been unleashing a reign of terror right after the election results were declared.

In the press release states that the brutal violence, arson, murders and rapes in West Bengal by the ruling party in retribution to exercise one’s political choices have shamed the nation and democracy.

The VHP’s General Secretary, Milind Parande stressed that the Hindu society has been condemned to live in terror in Bengal, the State government is sitting with its eyes closed and abdicated its responsibilities.

The press release states reports state that at least 12 people have been killed till now, several Hindus’ homes have been burnt and shops have been looted. There are reports of women being gang raped by TMC criminals, which the state police conveniently denies without even a cursory investigation. There are many areas where the TMC terrorists have not spared the police themselves.

In such a scenario where the State machinery and administration does nothing to book the culprits and bring the situation under control, and where the centre also does not take any action to prevent genocide of Hindus, the Hindu society would be forced to defend itself from terror.

Thus, the VHP says, if the state and the centre are incapable of defending the lives and properties of Hindus in West Bengal, the Hindu society has a right to self-defence.

Self-defence is a divine right and should be exercised by Hindus as Krishna says in the Bhagwat Geeta to meekly tolerate injustice and violence against women is cowardice and Adharma.

The Hindus should realise the Brahman within themselves and stand up for their rights and Dharma, it is futile to wait for the constitutional authorities to wake up to defend the Hindus. Unless the Hindu society wakes up and fends for itself, there would be a mass exodus of Hindus from Bengal like Kashmir and Bangladesh.

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