It is no brainer to know that NDTV employed a lot of nitwits to run their TV channel which is less of a news channel and more a propaganda for the Sonia Gandhi run Congress party. Apart from being prosecuted for its financial indiscretions and wrongdoings for which it is being slapped by huge fines by the SEBI and facing a lot of Income Tax related cases, now we have come to understand that the much touted resignation of Nidhi Razdan from NDTV to pursue a career of professorship at the Harvard University was a hoax.

It was quite baffling to viewers knowing her intellectual capabilities, or rather lack of it, that an esteemed University like Harvard would offer her a post of Assistant Professor of Journalism. Viewers assumed that perhaps Harvard had opened courses to teach its students of journalism how to fix news and get favours by cozying up to politicians which seems to be her only asset. As her work in NDTV was very pathetic while covering foreign and international affairs. Her questions to the foreign dignitaries would center around mainly getting them to call Modi a communal bigot and very bad administrator first as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and later as a Prime Minister. Despite all her efforts many of the visiting dignitaries would rebuff her. In fact the last time Barack Obama visited India she was snubbed by him when she tried to harangue him for some negative statements on the affairs in India, by getting him to say that India has become a center for lynching minorities and Muslims and Christians are not safe in India.

Given this background, viewers were certainly very surprised and wondered whether Harvard’s School of Journalism has degenerated in to another commie den or whether some behind the scene quid-pro-quo resulted in this offer. Well, as it turns out it seems Ms Razdan was tricked to believe that she is being offered a job at the Harvard by a hoax offer like one of those we keep getting daily in our mail boxes of having won a million dollar gift from someone from the UK or USA. This is what Nidhi would like us to believe but is it true? Let us first examine her story below.

Today, Razdan posted on her official twitter account, a micro blogging site, that she has been a victim of sophisticated phishing attack giving details of being foxed by a phisher who seems to have convinced her that she was interacting with some authorities in the Harvard. She says in her post that in June 2020 she left her 21 years of work with NDTV, it is quite doubtful whether any other credible news channel would have hired her for so long. She was enticed to leave her job as the phisher told her that she would have to join Harvard as Associate Professor in September 2020.

It seems that she started smelling the rat when even after shifting her appointment to January 2021 from September 2020, she was left waiting forever as the offer never fructified. So, the dumb tubelight that she is, she then decided to contact the Harvard University authorities to find about the status of the offer. Then she gets a rude shock from the Harvard that there was never such an offer from their side! Then with a heavy heart she filed complaints to authorities.

It is surprising that the she couldn’t see through the fake offer and it never even once occurred to her from June 2020 to January 2021 that she is being led the garden path.

Notably, during this period even when she was not appointed as an Associate Professor, she and NDTV kept misrepresenting to the public at large as though she is working as an Associate Professor at Harvard, in any case when did Razdan have sense of moral ethics? From sources in the US we hear that it is a charade put by her that she is a victim of phishing, we have learnt that she allegedly deliberately spread this canard to position herself in the United States for getting access to the political power corridors there. She misrepresented herself as Associate Professor of Harvard University for full eight months knowing fully well she was not.

Grapevine has it that she is being sued by Harvard University for misrepresentation, so she has come up with this phishing story as an alibi to get off hook which is quite unlikely as she has left several traces of lying to be an Associate Professor of Harvard, as can be seen from the various screen shots given below.

It is quite possible that she wanted to position herself as a dubious player in US politics given that Kamala Harris a darling of the communists and jihadis had been declared as the running mate for Joe Biden’s Presidential candidacy.

Nidhi with quite a nimble experience in getting close to political powers, was she trying her hand to do some errands for Kamala in secrecy? Given the fact that the US Presidential elections has been very controversial with Biden being declared a winner by a huge dump of postal votes. Now was Nidhi trying something in the US as the Sonia Gandhi family is nowhere likely to be near power till Modi and Amit Shah are at the helm of affairs in BJP.

Notably, a well known twitter handle The Olive Knife@The Olive Knife had commented on July 15,2020 that, “The story of @nidhi of @NDTV joining Harvard as an Associate Professor is not sinking well with me. I am quite sure she is planting fake info to become credible influencer the US election for the large Indo-American population. She is part of the Left Cabal.”

Time we start reading between the lines and not accept what we are served. Commonsense says that no well known busy bodies can go around fibbing that they are working for the Harvard as Associate Prof. without some long term substantial gains in mind as it is only a matter of time when they will be caught.

Perhaps now Nidhi should formally join the National Conference rather batting for the NC’s jihadi ideals of Islamic State of Kashmir masquerading as a journalist since her US dreams seems to have been nixed for the moment.

Find below screen shots of her post as she has blocked everyone who counters her dumb jihadi ideas with logic.

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