Rahul Gandhi who is the ex and the upcoming president of Indian National Congress during a training program of ‘Jan Jagran Abhiyan’ via video conferencing delivered a statement which once again made everyone laugh for a moment.

Rahul Gandhi said “I have read all ‘Upanishads’ (Hindu Religious Texts) and I conclude that Hinduism and Hindutva are different. During a training program of ‘Jan Jagran Abhiyan’ via video conferencing he further said ” What is the difference between Hinduism & Hindutva, can they be the same thing? If they’re the same thing, why don’t they have the same name? They’re obviously different things. Is Hinduism about beating a Sikh or a Muslim? Hindutva of course is. “Our ideology has been overshadowed because we’ve not propagated it among our own people aggressively,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi added. If we ever thought that Salman Khursheed and Rashid Alvi were free agents, demeaning Hindus and Hindutva, here is Rahul Gandhi echoing their abhorrent claims.Supreme Court called Hindutva a way of life, Rahul calls it violent and equates Hindu scriptures to Islamic writings to justify.

This is the same Rahul Gandhi who said Hindus go to temples to molest women. Is Rahul Gandhi belongs to the same party who claimed that Prabhu Shri Ram is imaginary. Rahul Gandhi needs to understand that he doesn’t have the intelligence to understand what is written in Upanishads and also lack the mind to understand what is Hindutva. His ignorance and intelligence are the biggest hindrance.

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