Hate, abuses and death threats are being poured against Hasan Ali by Muslims only because he belongs to the Shia community.

Muslims in the social media poured abuses and death threats on Hasan Ali after Pakistan cricket team lost the semifinal match with Australia. They Targeted him him mainly for him being a Shia and Shia community is being regarded as a Kafir community by Sunni Muslims. The performance of Hasan Ali has been poor in this T20 World Cup and also could not perform in the semi finals against Australia. Moreover he went on to drop a crucial catch of Mathew Wade who went on to win the game for Australia.

But it’s strange to see no one from the so called secular lobby raising his voice for Hasan Ali after he is being targeted for being a Shia. This same lobby which claim to be the flag bearers of secularism were busy beating their chests on the fake trolling of Mohammed Shami.

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