If we divide the world history timeline to 2 phases: Pre-Islamic and Post-Islamic, pre-Islamic period was “relatively” peaceful.


Middle east is located at a very strategic location as it lies at the cross roads of 3 giant continents (Asia, Europe and Africa) . A united middle-east will command a huge amount of power even with little or no resources.

Islam united the entire middle-east under one God, one Book, one Prophet and one Ummah. Once they became united they started to invade India and Europe alike. India would have been overrun had it not been the Battle of Rajasthan (735 AD). Same was the case with Europe had it not been Battle of Tours (734 AD).

So history shows a weak and divided middle-east is must for a peaceful India and the world.

What will be the outcome of an Israeli victory?

  1. Israel will use this opportunity to annex Gaza, deport its civilians and populate the area with Israelis.
  2. Israel’s enemies will be annihilated for once and for all as they will lose their bases.
  3. Israel’s coastline with Mediterranean Sea will double and there by increasing strategic value of Israel.
  4. The deported Islamic population will create unrest wherever they move, just like the Palestinians created unrest in Jordan and Lebanon after they moved there.

So, Coming to our topic, “Why an Emphatic Israeli victory will foster peace in India and the world”?

  1. The Islamic world would remain forever divided politically, economically and militarily as all the middle east nations will become dependent on Israel.
  2. Israel will start to dominate the Islamic world which will ensure the middle east cannot attack India or Europe as it used to do for several centuries.
  3. After a substitute to oil is found (which will likely happen in 3-4 decades), the financial muscle of OPEC+ (which feeds the Jihadi ecosystem all over world including India) will break down.
  4. All these developments in combination with Israel’s technological advances will make Islamic countries subservient to Israel.


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