In 2005, Manmohan government stopped subsidizing pulses in India according to a secret treaty. 2 years later, a new government treaty was formed in which India would import pulses from Canada, Australia and the Netherlands.

In 2005, Canada opened a large lentil growing farm in which most of the Punjabi Sikhs were employed. Many Khalistanis were kept as managers.

So in 2007 there was so much production of pulses in Canada which was called, “Yellow Revolution”.

Their customers were agents of the mandis of India. Some of whom are Congress families, Maharaja Patiala family and Badal family.

Today, the Modi agricultural policy has surgically blocked the income of all these brokers.

Now if India is no longer their market, then the amount of money that Canada and other countries have put on these farms in their countries, is not only wasted but will create unemployment for them and such a huge market of India has gone out of their hands.

Modi ji is exposing one of their scams. He is closing every door to their income

That is why even Canada debates in its bill in Parliament and is threatening BJP to send its Khalistani villagers.

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