A Brahmin priest is burnt alive in Rajasthan. No major protests and concerns have been shown by Hindus. They haven’t taken the candles and done long marches in any part of the country. Ideally, there have been groups collected at different parts of the country and marched towards Rajasthan, demanding justice for the priest burnt alive.

The same has happened in Karnataka and New Delhi. Two Hindu boys have been beaten to death by the kins of the Muslim girls with whom they were in love. No major media outrage happened for these two boys. Forget about Hindu communities, who would have risen collectively and would have shown their power on the streets.

The left media has been more than a thousand percent biased for the Islamic and Christian concerns. They want to divide Hindus into caste and communities by invoking the divisive feelings among them. On the other hand, the same media don’t invoke Shia, Sunni, Ahmadi, Barelvi, Deobandi, Catholic, and Protestant feelings among Muslims and Christians.

Every day we see the information, movies, and news content hurting the religious feelings of Hindus. Laxmmi Bomb movie is a recent example of this kind. If we keep calm now, they will get more encouraged to exploit our emotions. We must rise as a religion get united and become more hardline for our values. Hindus must become more conservative for religious feelings, intolerant against the atrocities on them, and united against the divisive forces.

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