Much has been written about Modi and his politics from 2002. Today I make an attempt to explain why he has won every political challenge in his life and why he will continue to win, until he chooses to step down. My 4 simple reason:-

Childhood – He comes from an extremely poor background like most of us. I won’t go into the details of it(father sold tea at a train station and mother performed menial jobs to supplement family’s income). Essentially Modi had seen poverty at the most fundamental level. This scenario is not uncommon in India. Probably in the Congress rule from 1947 to the next 60 yrs, poverty was the common connection to bind all Indians together. Absolute poverty also gives a man 2 things : Empathy & Risk Taking Ability. I will explain those qualities later

Risk Taker – At 17ish, Modi left home against his parents wishes, he did not run without taking their blessing. He understood, running away would cause them anguish and that was good for no one. He negotiated with his family and one fine day left, to explore the world. Many things have been written on where all he went(Belur Matha, etc) but that not point of this conversation. Years later as PM, he did 3 things that surprised the nation but not me, 7000 miles away. 1st was “Notebandi”, 2nd was “Abolishing Article 370 & 3rd was “Attacking China”. Modi knows when to take calculated risks to dismantle the enemy

Empathy & Power – These are 2 strange words to be linked together. Modi has loads of empathy for a fellow human being. I can bet my salary, that if a man/woman in dire need asks him anything and if he has the power to deliver, he will not think twice. He has shown that side of his many times, from talking about toilets for women to providing gas cylinders for women as he has seen women suffer while he was growing up. The side benefit for all this, is building a strong voter base. See the goal of capturing power is to retain power for the greater good and Modi has delivered on that many times. Retaining power also helps in dismantling the opposition.

Personality – Modi understands human nature well. As a pracharak he traveled all over the country. 2 examples stand out for his followers aka bhakts that make him extremely likable, 1st:- He once gave up reserved berth in a train for a fellow female passenger and slept on the floor. This was confirmed in an interview by Shanker Singh Vaghela(later joined Congress) in an interview. 2nd:- He would sleep on the temple floor after coming back from back breaking pracharak duties that lasted 16+ hrs daily, sometimes without dinner. A temple pujari gave an interview that i heard when he was being sworn as CM, I forget which term. All these qualities make him extremely likable for his followers and doubled with the opposition that Shri Ram has bestowed on him. Modi will remain the undefeated & undisputed ruler of Bharat, until he retires.

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