Wokeism, according to its detractors, is the pervasive use of racism (and, to a lesser extent, gender) to replace meritocracy and guarantee equality of outcome. Implementing that idea leads to reparative activities that reward the present by making up for wrongs done to others in the past.

Some consider it to be a modernization of the 1960s’ cultural Marxist fads. Others laugh it off as a resurgence of political correctness from the 1980s. It is also viewed as the inevitable continuation of the 1990s’ concerns with race, class, and gender, albeit with a darker and riskier Jacobin, Soviet, and Maoist twist. Wokeism’s frenzy also calls to mind McCarthyism and the Salem witch trials.

In order to advance an otherwise untenable ideological objective, workerism’s natural logic dictates that the lives of persons of all sexes, of all ethnicities, and—if necessary—of all ages, must be destroyed. Because it is nihilistic, everything it touches is destroyed. Both friends and foes are torn apart by it, whether by promoting the media’s hate of Donald Trump or by pretending to elevate the failure of Joe Biden.

It is horrible to teach children the myth that they are intrinsically oppressors because of their skin color. Racism can be accurately defined as the systematic maltreatment of a person based on that person’s inherent appearance under the justification that the target is judged to be cognitively, spiritually, or morally inferior due to those characteristics. The annihilation of all personal attributes and distinctive qualities as demonized individuals are transformed into stereotyped, nameless members of a collective is, in essence, the core of critical race theory.

Victims of Wokeism

Female athletes have worked to establish parity in society’s attitudes about sports for more than 50 years. But the woke campaign to redefine biological guys who are transitioning as being the same as biological women would undoubtedly undo the life’s work of thousands of pioneering athletes.

Ironically, the sexist woke movement has made it possible for men to use hormones and have surgery to change their gender, despite the fact that their fixed skeleton frames, muscularity, or organ traits guarantee unequal and unbalanced competition.

Numerous young female athletes’ lives will probably be impacted. Every sprinter, swimmer, and female pole vaulter will definitely meet career collapse at some point in the future—defined by losing to a transgender female/biological male.

The drastic attempts to limit gas and oil production and hike fuel prices, according to the green workers, are saving lives. They want to compel Americans to purchase expensive alternative energy products like battery-powered cars and wind- and solar-generated power. However, millions more Americans are colder and less mobile this winter away from the faculty lounge since it costs so much more to heat their homes and drive to work.

Most woke climate change advocates hardly ever witness the impoverished rummaging through their purses to find enough cash and credit cards to borrow more than $100 to fill the gas tanks of their cars.

The border can be many things to the global woke: a crude xenophobic barrier, a racist wall, a nationalist tic.

However, thousands of people who live close to the Mexican border witness drug traffickers taking over their houses and farms, as well as thousands of unvaccinated and potentially ill illegal immigrants during a pandemic. They witness daily violence firsthand as all security is lost.

The flood of thousands of illegal aliens into local neighborhoods turns into a zero-sum game for the American poor, who depend on government health facilities and state subsidies. Fewer citizens will have access to high-quality care as more non-citizens place demands on these already overburdened systems.

The awakened speech asserted that schools and universities must now move beyond their old de facto racial quotas for hiring and admissions, which were largely established on the basis of proportional representation and disparate impact. But there is now a system of compensation. It’s what the Left herself once derisively referred to as “overrepresentation.”

Once more, the goal is to hold the current generation accountable for the alleged transgressions of the long-dead ages before.

In addition to destroying merit by replacing it with racial criteria, this will prevent millions of people from a discarded generation from advancing in their careers because of the color of their skin. And they’ll always remember that.

The so-called awakened don’t even try to acknowledge that class counts as much as, if not more than, race. By doing this, they prevent millions of low-income white and Asian kids who managed to flourish academically despite their circumstances from enrolling in elite universities.

Despite the fact that they do not have wealthy, educated, or connected parents, their accomplishments are insignificant.

A morally bankrupt society will not only lose its quality of living, but it will deserve it once it starts to base graduation ceremonies, dorm space, roommate selection, and accomplishment criteria on race—for naive, utopian, or ignoble reasons. Additionally, it might occur in the near future because of the unrest in Rwanda, Iraq, or the Balkans.

In conclusion, being woke is not about being kind, equitable, fair, or moral.

It is part of the elites of all races’ power agenda. They manipulate the game for a variety of motives without regard for the consequences for others. Rich white people assume they have the resources, power, contacts, and networking abilities to get beyond the restrictive norms they set up for others. They hardly ever incur charges. However, they seem to get a psychological advantage by believing they have spiritual superiority while operating a Range Rover.

The old concept of class is conveniently destroyed by the rise of racial obsessions, despite the fact that it now provides a much more accurate measurement of disparity.

The race is somehow singled out and deemed innate, defined, and unchanging despite all the woke discourse about the “constructs” of gender. Even NBA multibillionaires and wealthy rappers turn to their image as a constant source of victimization.

LeBron James, Jay-Z, Kayne West, Chris Rock, Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey are always to be among the perpetually oppressed if the race is now the only unchanging indicator of who is a victim and who is a victimizer. Even if affirmative action has been practiced in this country for three generations, the great influence, power, prestige, and income they enjoy never diminish their victimhood.

Given that they are now in power, it makes sense that the woke elite and wealthy leftists are fixated on race. Otherwise, the once-loved “Revolutionapparent “‘s target would be their own privilege.
Woke is incompatible with democratic and constitutional government as well as human nature.

Without the backing of the public, it has adopted a wide range of brutal, Soviet, and Maoist methods to further its own self-serving objectives. Awoken discussion of “racists” oddly resembles Soviet propaganda about “counterrevolutionaries.”
That the first to use Trotskyization and iconoclasm is the so-called “awake humanists” makes sense. They are experts in ritual humiliation, doxxing, cancel culture, ostracism, disbarment, scapegoating, blacklisting, and censorship.

The reasoning behind Wokeism is the same as that of the tyrannical Jacobin with his lists of revolutionary targets for the guillotine.


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