Kerala is renowned for its voluminous cultural traditions and heritage. The state is well-known for its temples, which are a representation of Hinduism and an important aspect of Kerala’s culture. Yet, there are also unsettling tales coming out of Kerala, where Communist Party members are allegedly stealing wealth and meticulously manipulating customs to violate the sacredness of our temples.

Every Hindu in the nation needs to be aware of this report that was presented to the Supreme Court.

Judge K.T. Sankaran claimed in his most recent judicial report that the communist government in Kerala is plundering our Temple’s riches shamelessly. According to the investigation, obtaining pooja products was corrupted, phoney materials were produced using hazardous chemicals, and repairs and maintenance were not carried out properly. Also, the sacred vibhuti that is distributed is improperly prepared. The minister of Kerala Devaswom, K Radhakrishnan, is a well-known anti-Hindu.

While Kerala is renowned for its Dharmic traditions, the state’s communist government has appropriated their sanctity. The latest occurrences in Kerala, though, are concerning. According to rumours, the wealth of Hindu temples has been pillaged by members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPM, which is the state’s government in Kerala. According to the allegation, Communist leaders and activists are receiving money from the temples.

According to the report of Hindupost, “rotten halal-certified jaggery and pesticide-laced cardamom used in Prasadam at the Sabarimala temple. The communist government in Kerala still auctions anything donated by devotees that belong to temples under the TDB.”

Almost 1200 temples are under the management of Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB). Almost 3000 temples are managed by boards including the Malabar Devaswom Board, Guruvayur Devaswom Board, and Cochin Devaswom Board.

This research also describes how dangerously subpar temple building done in the name of refurbishment has become. The personnel is not appropriately paid in salaries. In addition, the board does not take the actions of repair and maintenance seriously. Minister P.A. Mohammad Riyas is in charge of the PWD department.



Source: The Jaipur Dialogues

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