Will the Indian State be able to suppress the Khalistani movement again if Punjab resembles the shape of 1980s Punjab? If the khalistani issue raises to the same situation as it was in 1980s, the situation will get out of control for the Indian State. No Operation Blue Star will be able to bring Punjab back. The benefit, Indian State/Indian Army had while executing Operation Blue Star was the absence of Internet during those days.

Former Chief of Army Staff General Sundarji along with Gen Arun Vaidya and Maj Gen KS Brar deliberately executed the operation at midnight as they were sure that if the local Sikhs got the news of Indian Army is carrying an operation against their leader Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and trying to suppress their Khalistani dream, the locals will surge into the spot with arms and the Indian Army will be in a no win situation as now the army will have to fight two enemies, one inside the Golden Temple, the Khalistanis who are heavily armed and trained and the other the crowd of thousands of Sikhs who will wrestle with the army for their Khalistani dream.

But today, the plan similar those days won’t work because of the availability of Internet !! Also the political correctness Sikhs have gained is way too stiff. Pop culture, Gurudwaras, langars and Sikhism being an Indic religion…all contribute large to the building of politically correct opinions among the masses. The Khalistani issue needs to settled with tough calls as soon as possible and if not ramifications of losing the sacred land followed by genocide of Punjabi Hindus will have to be swallowed.

It’s high time Indians must stop visiting Golden Temple/Gurudwaras and funding SGPC. Your funds are being used and will be used to accelerate the secessionist Khalistani movement and to push genocide/exodus of Punjab’s minority community !!

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