The Golden Truth about Zero and Exposure of Broken British Mathematics

Righting 500-year-old wrongs and fixing K-8 level Mathematics Education

Today marks the 500th anniversary of Broken British Mathematics. Jonathan Crabtree – Founder of Podometic.

Decades of research on the history of Mathematics have rebuilt the basics of Mathematics to its true zero-based origin as India intended.

The evidence is presented in a new video at

After decades, the promise of a 7-year-old with the determination to change the way the western world teaches Mathematics will be fulfilled. The elementary mathematics ideas the British Empire exported to its settlements and colonies, which the world still follows today, are now obsolete.

During this video, the following will take place:

● The British will go on trial as a ‘Defendant’ in a court of common sense, charged with deliberately hiding the logic of zero and correct, symmetric and scientific K-8 Level Elementary Mathematics ideas.

● Evidence will be presented proving the denial and delay of the adoption of India’s superior Zero-based Elementary Mathematics between October 1522 and October 2022.

● After watching the evidence unfold viewers will decide the verdict – Guilty or Not Guilty.

Following similar evidence from Jonathan Crabtree, one of India’s most respected mathematicians, Professor Dinesh Singh, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi, responded with,

“Superb lecture. Scholarly and yet easy to follow. I recommend this for parents, students, teachers of history and for anyone interested in India’s ancient history and how India developed Mathematics concepts way ahead of the Greeks and Europe.”

An Indian mathematics teacher, Kousik Sett, also commented on the lecture,

“… For me, life is good for only two things. Learn Mathematics and teach Mathematics. I must say, today, your presentation was beautiful and fascinating. This is the best lecture on elementary and fundamentals of Mathematics I have ever seen. Thanks for giving us such a magnificent, powerful and thought-provoking lecture on Indian Mathematics…”

Another notable comment was by Abhijit Majumder,

“It was an amazing and mind-boggling experience to get acquainted with the commonplace errors we always make. Your inspirational lecture today is still ringing in my ears”.

Jonathan has received many other glowing testimonials from 66 countries. People of all ages and abilities praise the Indian zero-based Elementary Mathematics ideas he will reveal as he prosecutes the British for breaking the foundations of mathematics.

Podometic (Bharatiya Mathematics as it’s known in India) can now replace Arithmetic (British Mathematics). In 1522 the British idea of number excluded 0 and 1. With a focus on advanced mathematics, the foundations of K-8 level mathematics have never been historically audited and repaired.

Many abstract laws and rules students must memorize today, are in fact, workarounds and bug fixes for the broken British mathematics the world has endured for centuries.

While he has broken a Guinness Word record for brainpower and been called ‘an unrecognized genius’, Jonathan says any child can now learn mathematics years faster than before with many instant mathematics ‘aha’ moments to be shared in this special event.

To be a part of the historic 500th-anniversary event fixing broken British mathematics, WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW!


The link to Jonathan Crabtree’s lecture Professor Dinesh Singh applauded above is here [1]. Reactions to Crabtree’s research from more than 50 countries are here [2]. To be a part of the historic 500th-anniversary event fixing broken British mathematics, join us online [3]. To find out more about the event, contact Jonathan Crabtree via Twitter [4] @jcrabtree or via email at



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