The Andhra Government led by Jaganmohan Reddy, whose family is deeply entrenched in proselytization and Christian evangelism, under the garb of probing the serial vandalism of more than 127 temples in Andhra Pradesh has through the DGP of the state, Gautam Savang fixed cases of vandalism in nine temples on BJP and TDP workers as reported in the media on 18.01.2021.

The investigations are going on the lines dictated by Jaganmohan Reddy by fixing people who were raising a voice against the brazen desecration and vandalism of Hindu temples since Jaganmohan took over as the CM of Andhra. Notably, one can see in videos Pastors like Praveen Chakravarthy who openly says he breaks Hindu Gods’ idols and kicks them around. Such poisonous Pastors roam around freely to desecrate and vandalise more temples , while the anti-Hindu administration under Jaganmohan works over time to frame innocent devout Hindus in temple destruction cases.

Ex-CM Chandrababu Naidu, TDP supremo, took strong exceptions of this development and stated, that it was the YSRC activists who are actually responsible for the temple attacks. Naidu said,

“The YSRC activists, who are actually responsible for the temple attacks, are being saved from the cases. But those who are exposing these attacks are being implicated. No cases were filed on those who demolished the idols. Cases were filed against TDP leaders for visiting Ramatheertham, while there was no case against YSRC MP Vijayasai Reddy and ruling party leaders who provoked the crowd.”

Andhra Pradesh DGP Goutam Savang on 15.01.2021, claimed that in nine temple vandalism cases 21 accused were identified and all have links to either BJP or TDP. He further claimed that out of 21 accused 15 have been arrested, while six are absconding. Of these 15 arrested, 13 are affiliated to TDP while 2 are affiliated to BJP.

DGP Goutam Savang behaved more like an agent of the YSRC party trying to fix false cases on innocent Hindus who were protesting against the vandalism of the holiest of places in Andhra Pradesh, including the 1000 years old Ramatheertham Temple at Andhra Pradesh where the arms of Lord Rama were cut off and the head severed from the body of the vigraha.

The DGP further made statements that temple desecration was political conspiracy of the BJP and TDP to defame YSRC government. It is quite clear from day one that the YSRC government wants to undertake a holy Inquisition in Andhra, as it blatantly encourages all evangelists by paying them a monthly salary of Rs.5000/.

The Legal Rights Observatory and Mission Kali has been regularly reporting cases of blatant conversions of entire villages in Andhra Pradesh by Pastors who spread hate against Hinduism and break temples and vigraha and kick them around for fun. These demonic Pastors get foreign funds from donors in western countries whose sole aim is to convert India into a Christian country.

The Legal Rights Observatory have made several complaints to the various authorities in the state government of Andhra Pradesh as well as the Ministry of Home against these nefarious activities. The central government has started looking in to the matter in several cases, though speedier and effective actions are needed, but the Andhra government cannot see these criminal activities happening right under its own nose.

It is very evident that the YSRC government is trying to instil fear in Hindus to not protest or express their outrage against desecration of temples and breaking of idols in Andhra, as the government will fix the same outraged and hurt people with breaking the idols of their own holy revered Devis and Devtas.

The BJP and the TDP have several opportunities to play politics and defame YSRC government but no party whose followers are devout Hindus would stoop to such levels of depravity. The Hindus are not like Abrahamics we cannot commit sin and confess to our Gods to be absolved of our sins. In Sanatan Dharma every Sanatani has to pay the price for his actions good or bad.

Catholic Christians confess to their Pastors all their crimes and they are relieved of their sins without having to pay for it! In classical Christianity, one can even murder for spreading the gospel! The Sanatan Dharma offers no such concessions.

Jaganmohan should realise that devout Hindus would prefer to die rather than desecrate the idols of their Aradhya Dev for some intangible political gains! When Christian nuns were raped in Bengal by Bangladeshi Muslims, whose faces were captured in CCTV cameras, RSS people were accused of such horrendous crimes.

Similarly, when Dalits who converted to Christianity were driven out of Churches attacked their own Churches managed by elite Christians in Mangalore, a narrative was created in the media that RSS and Bajrang Dal were vandalising Churches. These blatant lies spun by the card carrying members of the left parties, Congress and evangelist organisations in the media have been exposed time and again. This too will pass, but the main issue is about protecting ancient Hindu temples in a virtual Christiandom.

The media is conveniently very silent about the hundreds of vandalisation of Hindu temples in Andhra. Nor does the media question Jaganmohan’s promotion of brazen toxic evangelists in Andhra.

The last I checked the Constitution of India still has ‘secular democratic republic’ mentioned in it and not a ‘Christian Republic’ like the western countries of the world. So, Jaganmohan Reddy should stop behaving like a Pope demanding that the word of gospel be spread at any cost, even by allowing desecration and vandalism of holy Hindu temples and fixing the blame on the victim Hindus themselves!

The central government should stop being a mute spectator in destruction of ancient glorious heritage of Hindus and should take every step to protect these temples by placing CRPF to protect these holy pilgrimage sites as the Andhra government is unable to perform its duties. The centre should order a CBI investigation in this important issue as the real culprits should be nabbed in this sensitive crime which hurts Hindu sentiments to the core and reminds them of the barbaric rule of Islamic invaders who demolished Hindu temples and built mosques over them.

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