August 5, 2020 was an epoch-making day when Bhumi Pujan for the reconstruction of Ram Mandir at the Ramjanmabhoomi site was performed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Ayodhya. It marked the revival of Bhartiya Asmita (Indian pride) suppressed and brutalised by the Islamic invaders right from Muhammad -bin-Qasim in 712 AD which continued even after independence by chicanery of a compact between the communists, Islamists, Christian missionaries and the Nehruvian acolytes. The curriculum in the education system of India from school level to highest levels of academia was filled with presenting a distorted history which glorified the Islamic invaders who massacred Hindus in hundreds of lakhs, raped captured Hindu women made them sex slaves. The Islamic invaders even made money by trading captured Hindu women as sex slaves in Central Asian Islamic Caliphate countries.

The wont of Islamic invaders to loot, plunder, demolish ancient Hindu temples, totalling to more than 30,000, and building mosques, mazhars or mausoleums over it has been completely denied by the leftist and Nehruvian historians. Hindus were made to detest and be ashamed of their own identity and past glorious achievements by constantly denigrating Vedic culture and Vedic civilization. Brahmins were painted as vile cheats, Kshatriyas as power hungry murderous rapists and Vaishyas as conniving frauds who like to maximise profits by duping people. Also, a fake theory of Aryan invasion was spun to instil hatred within the Vanvasis and Dalits saying that the ‘upper caste’ Hindus were aliens, hailed from Northern Europe and subdued the indigenous Dravidians to rule over them.

The anti-Hindu mafia also spread hatred against our revered Devis and Devatas by disparaging Bhagwan Ram as a misogynist who killed indigenous and benevolent ruler Ravana. Devi Kali and Durga were portrayed as very violent characters who killed indigenous character Mahishasura. While this mafia tried to question the historicity of Bhagwan Ram and Krishna they wrote paeans of praise in text books about Mohammad and Jesus Christ whose historicity is now doubted and questioned by many objective researchers.

The secular mafia indulged in this nefarious practice to keep Hindus from seeking  re-possession of their holy places of worship and ancient temples converted to mosques by Islamic invaders. When devout Hindus sought re-construction of the three most-holiest of temples, at Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi, demolished by the Islamic invaders instead of all the 30,000, they were denied even that by the communists by completely falsifying history.

It is baffling that when Islamic writers contemporaneous to the Islamic rulers of India have boasted about their Sultans’ and Padshahs’ achievements of making myriad towers of severed Kafir (non-Muslims, here Sanatanis’) heads for display in each and every town under their rule and proudly forcing captured Hindu women in their Harems. There are also detailed accounts of how temples were broken, gold and precious wealth was looted from it and mosques were built over them.

Even if this is not enough the Islamic structures built in hurry by demolishing ancient temples themselves explicitly show that the intricately sculpted pillars bearing Sanskrit and various Indic inscriptions praising Vishnu, support the domes of the structures. It is too glaring an evidence that even the most conceited person cannot ignore. But lo and behold! The Romila Thapars and D N Jhas go from saying that structures like the Baburi Masjid, built by Babur’s General Mir Baqi in 1528 by demolishing a Ram Temple marking the birth place of Bhagwan Ram at Ayodhya, as virgin structures when one can clearly see in its plinth inscriptions in Sanskrit.

When Hindus petitioned the courts for possession of the holiest of sites marking the birth place of Bhagwan Ram, an excavation by the Archelogical Survey of India and a Ground Penetrating Radar Survey by it found more evidence of an elaborate foundation of a Hindu religious structure beneath the mosque. The Romila Thapars came with a new spin now claiming that it was a Buddhist temple beneath the mosque and not a Hindu temple.

These vile arguments were countered by the Hindus and after a long and patient battle in the Courts from High Court to the Supreme Court on 9.11.2019, the Supreme Court finally awarded the Ram Janmabhoomi site to the Hindus for constructing a temple to mark Bhagwan Ram’s birth place.

Notably, countless Hindus have lost their lives in their 500-year-old battle to regain the holy site from the barbarous Islamists. Every generation of Hindus since 1528 have relentlessly fought with the Islamists to regain the Ramjanmabhoomi. Even in 1990 thousands of Ram sevaks were brutally  massacred by the UP police under the direct orders from the then UP Chief Minister, Mulayam Singh Yadav when they took out a peaceful procession for Ram Rath Yatra. Countless bodies of Hindu devotees were thrown into the river Sarayu, so much that the waters of Sarayu turned red with their blood.

This injustice finally led to the culmination of the demolition of the blighted mosque on December 6, 1992, which is celebrated by devout Hindus as Vijay Diwas, of course the communists and the anti-Hindus who want to deny Hindus their fundamental right to worship at the holiest of sites, term it as a ‘Black Day for Indian Democracy’.

But the same secularists are mum about the massacre, genocide and rape of Hindus in 1989-90 in Kashmir by the Islamists which also accompanied demolition of scores of temples in Jammu and Kashmir. So, it was a moral victory which restored the honour and pride of Sanatan Dharma and its eternal traditions when Prime Minister Modi performed the Bhumi Pujan at the holy site marking the birth place of Bhagwan Ram for constructing a magnificent temple which would signify the eternal spirit of Sanatan Dharma as a symbol of triumph against predatory Abrahamic faiths which has successfully wiped out all other indigenous faiths.

We now need to put all our efforts to liberate Krishna Janmabhoomi at Mathura and the Kashi Temple at Varnasi which were demolished by Aurangzeb in 1670 and 1669 respectively. The Krishna Janmabhoomi Mandir was originally established by Bhagwan Krishna’s grandson Vajra which was rebuilt by Chandragupta II in 400 AD and was demolished in 1017AD by Islamic invaders. The Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple was re-built by King Bir Singh Bundela  which the cruel barbaric Mughal, Aurangzeb demolished in 1670 and built a Shahi Idgah mosque over it.

Similarly, the holy temple of Bhagwan Shiva at Kashi housing the rare Jyotirlinga was demolished three times by the Islamic invaders and re-built every time except the last when Aurangzeb demolished in 1669 and built a Gyanwapi Mosque over it. It is said that the Jyotirling was saved by the priests of the holy temple from the Islamic jihadis and put into a well in the temple precincts which is still lying there.

The commencing of the construction of Ram Mandir at Ram Janmabhoomi site on 05.08.2020 marks the beginning of the restoration of Bhartiya Asmita which would culminate when we are at least able to wrest back the equally holiest of pilgrimage site for Hindus at Mathura and Kashi even if we are not able to reclaim all the 30,000 ancient temples demolished by the Islamists.

It is to be noted that the western nations, read Christians, want us to not reclaim our ancient temples from the Islamists in the name of secular principles, but when it comes to their interests the rule changes. For e.g., the Christians of Spain wrested back their kingdom in the 16th Century which had been earlier invaded by the Muslim Moors in 12th  Century, the Spaniard Christians demolished all the mosques and reconverted them to churches and issued an ultimatum to Muslims residing in Spain to either leave Spain with the defeated Moors or get converted to Christianity, this diktat was implemented forcefully.

Thus, any civilization without pride and respect for its glorious past and traditions is destined to perish unless its past glory is revived. Kudos to revival of Bhartiya Asmita! Jai Maa Bharati!    

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