What is Bollywood? It is a money laundering avenue for criminals, terrorists, Jihadi, corrupt, drug peddlers and mafia of all sorts.

Please refer here which explains why the terrorist underworld mafia dominates Bollywood.

Why should South Indian movie industry should purchase and take over Bollywood for imbibing nationalist character inside it.

  • FIRST, Bollywood has now become “COPYWOOD”. It lacks innovation, tries to make easy bucks by copying English or South Indian movies. Today, it has become so dumb and empty headed that it cannot even copy properly.
  • SECOND,  Since terrorist, underworld, Chinese investment and influence is very high, it has become anti-Hindu and to a great extent anti-Indian to the core. You wont find a single movie where Hindu sadhus are praised or a Hindu Pandit is respected. Where as the same rule doesn’t apply on Mullahs or Qazis. All the big actors have grown big solely due to underworld influence.
  • THIRD, It breeds nepotism and suppresses talent. Movie making is an area where high levels of innovation is needed. With BOLLYWOOD become Nepotistic to the core, outside talent is suppressed and even eliminated (remember Sushant Singh Rajput). Due to this tendency, India is unable to produce a movie which can compete in international forum.
  • FORUTH, It has got strong political (especially left) leanings. The overall goal of the movie Industry is to uplift the society and hence should be above politics. Have you heard of any movie being made on atrocities during emergency? Have you heard of any movie on the arms scandals done by the Gandhis? The corporates are depicted as corrupt, where as the trade unions who extort money from poor workers are depicted as Messiahs.
  • FIFTH, It demands Bhartiya traditions. For e.g., pregnancy is a glorious time for every woman (and her Husband). Look how Bollywood couples celebrate pregnancy. The South Indian actresses also get pregnant. And look how those couples celebrate their pregnancy.

Hence, it is high time we start boycotting the Bollywood movies. If we meticulously boycott those movies for at least 5 years, then the production houses will go bankrupt and will be acquired by the South Indian movie industry. Once, that happens Bollywood will then become a global and indomitable force and project India’s soft power all throughout the world.

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