What is the double standard we see these days? A minority community can get away with sexual harassment, cat calling, butt-pinching and physical assault of women just because they hail from a minority community and their rights to harass trump rights of those they harasss?

Where do these illogical arguments stem from? Such brainwashing is a result of #NCERT textbooks where the minority is encouraged to behave like tyrants and harass the majority.

Barely a full adult, Asif was thrashed because his intention was much worse than drinking water inside a temple. Also, what is he doing inside the temple anyway?

Fishy, fishy, fishy

  1. Temple is not a restaurant. Water is available outside.
  2. If we are to be technical. Why is a ‘believer’ inside a Kafir’s sacred place anyway?

If you are thirsty, there are 100000000000000000 other ways and places to obtain water.

If you harass women, get ready to expect chappals and sticks on your behind.

Nobody has any regrets about teaching a pervert adolescent a life lesson. Over time he might even thank those who beat the havas ka bhoot for Kafirs out of him.

In short, no one with half a brain is actually is sorry. #NotSorryAsif

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