Every day, the Hindus of this country are witnessing new heights of minority appeasement. The recent case of minority appeasement comes from the state Jharkhand where Jharkhand Mukti Morcha enjoys power in coalition with Indian National Congress.

On 2nd September, Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha Secretariat declared that that room number TW 348, in the new Assembly building of Jharkhand, has been allotted to offer the Namaz. A government building has been given to offer Namaz but no one bats an eye. No outrage could be witnessed in social media from a particular lobby who claim themselves to be secular. The flag bearers of secularism seems to be cowered behind a lamp post.
Time and again, Hindus of this country are being betrayed by the political parties who holds the badge of secularism. Imagine what a hue and cry it would have been if instead of giving a separate room for namaz it was given for Pooja. “Democracy ki hatya”, “Secularism ki hatya”, “Baba Saheb ki hatya” ,these three sentences would have occupied the whole social media space.

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