A story that literally feeds a dalit boy into islamists and justifies even a death bounty announces by terrorists against innocent young dalit boy Naveen for just a facebook post.

One more media channel surrendered to Jehadi terrorism. Aaj Tak has actually done two stories explaining how Naveen the Dalit boy who has a bounty announced on his head by Islamic Terrorists, is himself responsible for the violence and his possible murder in near future.

Aaj Tak even ended up doing a profile of Naveen exactly how news channels write criminal profile for crime stories.

The most funny thing about Rahul Kanwal mentioning the fact that Naveen Kumar is a self proclaimed fan of Sunny Leone as if that proves his criminal mentality or something. Here we are sharing a twitter post by Rahul Kanwal and his not so secret love for Sunny Leone :

Entire Aaj tak story is all about how Naveen is responsible for the violence and how anyone who mentioned islam in a negative tone deserves a public violence. Aaj Tak conveniently forgot to mention the fact that now Islamic Terrorists groups are looking for an opportunity to kill this innocent Dalit Boy for a facebook post.

Rahul Kanwal and Aaj Tak have faced strong response on social media on their oro jehadi story :

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