Aurangabad MP Imtiaz Jaleel has given an ultimatum to the Maharashtra government to open all mosques on September 2, failing which, he says Muslims will sit on roads and offer Namaz. Ironically, he has also demanded that the NEET-JEE exams should be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, AIMIM Member of Parliament Imtiyaz Jaleel issued a warning to the Maharashtra government saying that Muslims will occupy the streets to offer Namaz in coming days if mosques are not allowed to open in the state.

Speaking to ABP News, AIMIM parliamentarian Imtiyaz Jaleel demanded that the Maharashtra government should open the religious places, especially mosques, which are currently closed in the state due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Pointing out that Hindus will be visiting temples to offer prayers the occasion of Ganesh Visarjan on September 1, AIMIM MP Jaleel asserted that Maharashtra government should also open up mosques in the state from September 2 to allow Muslims to offer prayers, failing which they would be occupying streets to offer Namaz.

“On September 1, Ganesha Visarjan is scheduled. On that day Hindus should make sure that the temples are opened up for prayers. On September 2, we will call for opening up of mosques too. If it does not happen then we will offer Namaz on the roads itself,” said Aurangabad MP Imtiyaz Jaleel.- Advertisement –

The threats by AIMIM lawmaker Imtiyaz Jaleel to occupy streets to offer Namaz failing to open mosques came after one of his fellow party colleagues was protesting against the Modi government demanding the postponement of the NEET-JEE exams citing coronavirus pandemic.

Even Waris Pathan wants NEET-JEE exams postponed due to coronavirus

On Wednesday, Waris Pathan, a former AIMIM legislator took to Twitter to claim that the Modi government, which had come to power by promising to empower youths of the country, has now betrayed them by deciding to conduct NEET-JEE exams.

AIMIM leader asks NEET-JEE exams to be postponed, party retweets his demand

The contention of the former AIMIM legislator Waris Pathan was that the NEET/JEE exams which are scheduled to be held in the first week of September should be postponed as the country is yet to return to normalcy. According to the likes of Waris Pathan, the NEET/JEE exams at this juncture could be worrisome for the students as the country is yet to recover from the Chinese pandemic.

Pathan’s tweet was retweeted by the official handle of the AIMIM party.

Imtiaz himself wants NEET-JEE postponed but mosques opened

Ironically, Imtiaz Jaleel himself has asked for the postponement of the NEET/JEE exams, a day before going ahead and tweeting that the government should open all mosques.

Ironically, Imtiaz Jaleel himself has asked for the postponement of the NEET/JEE exams, a day before going ahead and tweeting that the government should open all mosques.

At a time when one of party’s senior leader is demanding the postponement of NEET/JEE exams fearing coronavirus, despite the fact there have been severe opposition from students and parents against the cancelling of the already scheduled exams, AIMIM MP Imtiyaz Jaleel has issued a warning to the state government demanding the opening of mosques in the state.

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