Its ridiculous when we see Casteism thrust upon Deitis.

Aryan Durga Devi?
Dravidian Dalit Mahishasura?

Really??? What were you thinking, if at all!

Its clear as day light that its Communist + Christian Missionaries doing to “DIVIDE AND RULE” the Hindus. Right now, Hindu Minorities are the vulnerable section who have been targeted for their huge population – Convert them & half the country is Christian.

Its sad that our Freedom Fighters gave up their lives to get freedom from British, no true patriot ever accepted Conversion though Missionaries prevailed then too.

Even in neighboring countries Hindus were forcibly converted, but others preferred to die or escape to Bharat (India) rather than get converted to Christianity/Islam.

Why then its so easy for Bharatiya Hindu Minorities to forget all the sacrificed of our Freedom Fighters and convert?

I wouldn’t blame them entirely, these are the biggest culprits :

▪️Our Education School syllabus ▪️Government stealing Temple money which could have been used for Gurukul system

▪️RTE policy which doesn’t allow Hindus to share their history let alone propagate it
▪️Missionaries masquerading as NGOs who not only illegally propagated Christianity, but also filled the minds of innocent Hindu Minorities with HATE AGAINST remaining Hindus (Divide and Rule).
▪️The biggest lie was Fake Historians claiming that the ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’ of McCauley to be true, when he himself had clarified Aryans didn’t mean any Race.

Why was this Aryan Invasion Theory raked up again at all?

?️It divides North & South
?️It divides Brahmins & Dravidians
?️It divides Hindu Minorities from the rest.
?️It serves for Vote Bank Politics.
?️It doesn’t let anyone develop, hence keep a control over all.
?️If Hindus are divided, it becomes easy to recapture Bharat Varsh from within the country. That’s why you’ll see all 3 leaders who are Dividing have United….can you not see this? Else why would they be receiving billions of funding from abroad…to conquer Bharat …

This time, the War is from Within the Country. People need to open their eyes to reality and join all dots and see the big picture.

Thrusting concept of Casteism even on our Gods ?

Why is this hate filled lie was circulated?

To Divude and Rule the Hindus.

Hindus = Dalits Brahmins Tribals Sikhs Jains Marvadi Buddhist Lingayat Bahujans etc etc everyone without any caste discrimination.

Has this trick worked?

Yes, Dalits, Bahujans, & others despise Brahmins (they think brahmins are aryans race). And they want to delink themselves from their own roots of Sanatana Dharma n depict themselves as seperate category.

If Roots are cut, the plant dies. If History is distorted, IDENTITY is lost.

And when a person loses his identity, they are easy target for Missionary Conversions.

Very good idea by communists to destroy Sanatana Dharma by making people of different caste kill each other….exactly what Britishers did earlier…Divide and Rule.

Difference between British & Communists?

British used Divide and Rule policy to RULE Bharat where as Communists are using it to Annihilate Indigenous Sanatana Dharma.


▪️Max muller , wanted to Date the Vedas.

▪️He being a Christian believed that the creation of the world had taken place in 4004 B.C.
So he could not tell the truth that vedas were older than Christianity.
▪️And like all other Christians, they want to take credit for different country’s Indigenous achievements as their own.
▪️So he claimed that fair skinned Aryans came from different land & created Vedas (exactly like its happening now in Bharat where Christian Missionaries are claiming that vedas , Onam, Deepavali, everything as belonging to Christianity).

▪️He set the date of Rig Veda to 1200 B.C.

▪️Archelogy discovery of Indus Valley Civilization at Harappa & Mohenjudaro at 1922 showed shiva Ling , so they said these were PRE- vedic belonging to Dravidians (Divided Shiva & Vishnu deities too ?).

▪️They said Aryans brought Horse (then how was it mentioned in Ashwamedha Yajna during Ramayana, Mahabharat?)

▪️They mentioned Aryans brought Rice to Bharat (oh really ? The Gruhyasutra-s ordain that rice should be ceremoniously
administered to child in the Annaprsana rite).

▪️The fight between Aryas and Dasyus in the Rig Veda refer to the battle between Enlightened Vs. Ignorant or Good Vs. Evil forces. (Not Brahmins Vs Dalits ….Gods don’t have Caste idiots).

▪️DNA Analysis by Experts has proved that its the same for North South East West Indians. This indicates there has been no mix of foreign and local DNA. Brahmin Dalits tribals all DNA are same. This proves Aryan invasion theory was wrong.

▪️Want to know a Fun Fact? The person who suggested AIT later clarified that by Aryans he did not mean a separate race, but those who spoke Aryan Language, that even the darkest skinned Hindus were Aryans (What do you say for this? Stop believing what others tell n research for yourself with open mind, you’ll find the truth…even i believed in AIT once upon a time).

India original name was Bharat.

How did that name come into existence?

Bharat under King Sudasa and Guru Vashishtha defeated the confederacy of the ten tribes of the Punjab and North-Western sub-continent. They became big Kingdom, this drove away the Parasu tribe. This Parasu tribe entered foreign land , called themselves as ones belonging to Aryans (Like we have Indian Hindus in America). Hence the name Iran. Do you know their Primary religious scripture is almost identical to Rigvedic language?

What does this prove? Iranians were originally from Bharat Parasu tribe, the migration that happened was OUTWARD MIGRATION.

This proves, there was no Inward Migration of Aryans, but there was Outward Migration of Bharatiya tribe who Entered and settled in different country

All these totally debunk the Aryan Dravidian bifurcation.

For more PROOF watch this :



?️Asuras and Devas both have common Ancestor – Rishi Kashyapa.

▪️Rishi Kashyapa had 2 wives, Diti and Aditi.

▪️RK + Aditi Children = Devas RK + Diti Children = Asuras.


?️In Original Vedas Gods are addressed as both “deva” and “asura”!! DEVA – Illuminating, Generous ASURA – Giver of Knowledge “केतुः । केतः । चेतः। चित्तम् । क्रतुः । असुः। धीः। शची । माया । वयुनम् । अभिख्या इत्येकादश प्रज्ञानामानि” Asu means Knowledge.

?️There are 2 kinds of Asuras – Good and Malevolent.

▪️Good Asuras are led by Varuna. They’ve Good intentions, Constructive inclination.

▪️Bad Asuras are led by Vritra. They’ve bad intentions, Destructive chaos causing inclination.

?️Example. Even though Hiranyakashipu was a bad Asura, his son Prahallada was a good Asura.

?️LATER VEDIC PHASE. Only in later vedic period the definition of Asuras got depicted as A-Sura , one who are opposite of Devatas (deities).

Mahisa was great Grandson of Rishi Kashyap.

Mahisha was a shape-shifter, could shift between Human and Buffalo and other beasts. He did Tapas & received a boon that no Male could kill him. He used that power for wrong use, created havoc. So all Deities approached Trimurtis…who, along with all other deities gave their Astras (their energies) to Devi to stop Mahisa-Asura.

Mahishasura sent his 2 generals Shumbha & Nishumbha to bring her as he wanted to marry her.

Shumbha Nishumbha sent Dhumralochana who went with 60,000 asuras. She refused. War ensued. She destroyed Dhumralochana. Her mount Lion destroyed the 60,000 asuras.

Next shumbha sent Chanda Munda to bring her. They attacked her from behind. She was so furious that another power sprang from her 3rd eye….Kaali.

Maa Kaali destroyed the entire army and beheaded Chanda Munda too.

Enraged, Shumbha attacked with even bigger army of Asuras.

All the Matrikas fought valiantly. Seeing their power many asuras tried to flee. So Rakthabijasura entered the war. With every drop of his slain blood another rakthabijasura sprang to life. So Devi beheaded him n Maa Kaali stopped his blood from reaching the ground.

Mahishasura, (Mahisha in SANSKRIT means Buffalo) was in Mysore, Karnataka. City itself is named on him (Mahisha Asura). Ooru means city. Mahisa’s ooru became Mahisasur…slowly got converted to Mysuru.

Biggest Proof of Durga Devi & Mahishasura.

Vishnu Purana -> Markandeya Purana

▪️The story of Mahishasura is being told in the chapter where Markandeya is narrating the story of birth of Savarnika Manu (Ref Vishnu Purana). 

▪️As per the Markandeya Purana, the story of Mahishasura was narrated in 2nd Manvantar (you need to read up about Vedic Concept of Time). Each Manvantara cycle lasts for Billions of years.

If the story was told in 2nd Manvantara, its  common sense that it happened before it….(just for reference,  we are currently in 7th Manvantara,  can you imagine how many lakhs of billions of years back this battle between Durga & Mahisha happened?)

So NO.

No Aryan Vs. Dravidian
No Aryan Durga Vs. Dravidian Mahishasur

Still More Proofs….

Celebration : Durga Devi is mentioned in

Buddhism (The Tantric traditions of Buddhism included Durga ).

Jainism ( The Sacciya mata found in major medieval era Jain temples mirrors Durga)

Sikhism ( Durga is exalted as the divine in Dasam Granth, feminine form of the Supreme and a reverence for the Goddess)

Indonesia: Archelogical sites have revealed several Durga statues, dates 6th century old.

Cambodia : Hindu kings ruled, many Durga statues are found, Devi standing on top of a cut Buffalo head. (Cambodia has Aryans & Dalit? Oh no ?).

Vietnam : Statue found in Champa / Cham Dynasty era temples.

Conclusion :

?️Are you going to say Casteism exists in Gods? Its human concept. Get over Dividing gods as this or that caste.

?️The battle between Devi & Mahishasura happened Billions of years back, so stop including yourselves in the history.

?️Are you saying all other countries where Devi is worshipped they too have Casteism?

?️Stop comparing yourselves with the antagonist & playing victimhood. You, Me, all of us are equal.

?️”Break Bharat” forces are trying a lot to Divide all Hindus based on caste so that it’ll be easy to conquer the country. This is exactly what Britishers did, remember…? Divide and Rule. Don’t fall for this trick again.

?️Don’t depend on book translations as they are mingled with blatant lies. Don’t listen to others, including me. Learn Sanskrit and read the vedas smritis, purans yourselves. I am 100% sure you’ll realize the truth. This is exactly what our beloved Dr. B R Ambedkar ji did. Thats why his mind was changed reg Vedas, who wanted to create Hindu Rastra and wanted all Muslims to move to Pakistan (Complete Partition).

?️Don’t waste our Freedom Fighters Sacrifices and do exactly opposite of what they gave up their life for…

?️Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, we are all one, all are equal, All come from the same Sanatana Dharma Vedic Civilization and all have the same glorious History. WE ARE ONE.

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