An endless war that 330+ Buyers of BPTP Discovery Park Sect 80 Faridabad are fighting with Kabul Chawla BPTP for 9 years! All big promises despite the settlement agreement is now a useless piece of paper.

We are distressed buyers losing hope to live in our flat. It’s hard-earned money just going in vain.

The construction progress at the Discovery Park site still continues to remain stalled even after three long months since the real estate construction has been approved by the Govt to resume post-COVID-19 lockdown.   The project is far from confidence-inspiring at this stage and the Settlement Deed executed between BPTP Ltd and we have already lost its meaning and respectability.

Towers L&M were promised to be completed by Sept 2020 and are still unlikely to be completed within the due time. If the last 10 years have not been adequate to complete the project then I strongly feel that it speaks extremely poorly of your Company. BPTP has repeatedly failed to honor the promises made by Kabul Chawla and on his behalf.

Adequate cash flow and resource deployment were promised to us to ensure expeditious completion of this project at the time of negotiating the Settlement Deed. However, BPTP Limited employees responsible for ensuring essential services like water supply also have not been paid for a long time now and the residents staying there are facing harassment. Gardeners have stopped coming for work because of the non-payment of salaries. The contractors for towers A, B, L, and M have not been paid a substantial amount of funds due to them which is adversely affecting the completion of this project. Therefore, the reasons for the non-completion of the project are glaringly visible as inadequate funding support.

Such delays and unbecoming conduct only serve to further deteriorate already battered reputation of yours and BPTP Ltd which is in need of some good professional conduct and work ethics along with timely completion of projects to live up to the expectations of your customers.

Below pictures give a glimpse of how horrible is this site

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