On Friday, a 16-year-old boy went on a stabbing spree before he was shot dead by police Australia’s Perth.  The Caucasian boy whose name has not been revealed, attended an esteemed school in the suburbs of Perth, and was supposedly radicalised 2-3 years back when he chose to convert to Islam.  He was obviously having serious troubles as he was enrolled into a 2 year long deradicalization program run by the state.  His parents and the concerned state representative decided that he should continue to receive education in a normal school environment, but it seems that didn’t work out well.  The boy charged towards the Police who were trying to stop him in the parking lot that night, and when they failed to taser him, they shot him.

It’s been revealed that terrorist boy had previously built a homemade bomb that he used to blow up a toilet block at his school.  The school authorities had informed the state education department who chose to ignore this warning.

“We have an incident where a 16-year-old who had been in a deradicalization program had been involved in creating a homemade bomb which had destroyed a toilet block,” she said.

“He had plans to interrupt an assembly in the most devastating of ways and had been able to continue to learn in a public mainstream school.

“There were a number of red flags raised by parents in this community and the Minister for Education continued to fob off those very real concerns.

“This is a government failing to keep a community safe.

“It is appalling to hear this government had repeatedly fobbed off this very real concerns of parents from this school community.”

This was the statement from the Liberal leader Libby Mettam who put the blame of this incident on the local government leaders.  Additionally, it is gathered that the parents of the community had also reached out to the Education Minister and informed him that there was a group of students which was trying to convert and radicalise non Muslim kids in the school, and this too fell to deaf ears.  One parent even went as far as trying to warn the Australian Federal Police that the group was trying to “indoctrinate” their son, a student at the same school. This means there are several other students of similar mindset among the community, and they are carrying on with radicalising without check.

The government spokesperson has said that the boy had been known to police since the age of 14 and that he had suffered from “mental health issues”.  He said the deradicalization program is “for those that are exhibiting behaviours that might be religious or issues motivated,”

Students in his school talked about how there were rumours in his year group about him, and he was the guy that prayed 24/7 and read the Quran on the bus.

After attending he program, the boy had no access to the internet or social media, and had a simple phone on which he could only make phone calls or send regular text messages.  Even then, he was able to communicate his plan to other like minded kids.  Before the attack, the teenager sent a final message to people saying he was going on “the path of jihad”, and the police was alerted thereafter.  This is the last message he sent out to his group:

“Brothers please forgive me for any time I have wronged you, I am going on the path of jihad tonight for the sake of Allah.

“I am a soldier of the mujahideen of al-Qa’ida and take responsibility for the actions that will … take place tonight.”

He also warned his contacts to “clear” incriminating evidence from devices like laptops and phones.

“If you have any illegal or jihadi things online or in real life please make sure to hide them well and clear your technology such as laptops and phones including search history … as the police will likely look into my contacts,” he wrote.

Islam has become the second largest religion in Australia, with close to 3.5% of its population consisting of Muslims.  Since it is still less than 4% officially, the organised conversion groups (Tableeghis) work tirelessly to increase this percentage as much as they can.  Islamic leaders are able to get in to the country easily, specially from neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia.  There have been many cases where practising but non radical Muslims are converted into proselytising Tableeghis by these preachers.  The government however has chosen to ignore these facts and is repeatedly accused by the opposition and some Australians of throwing the country to the dogs.  In a report presented in the Asutralian Parliament in late 2023, it is mentioned how in certain Muslim majority neighbourhoods, large families are living on tax payers’ money in small houses.  One man, 4 wives and multiple children are given numerous benefits.  Many meat shops and other eateries are selling Halal food which is also a cause for concern, because now people have caught on to the fact that 2.5% of income generated through these sales goes towards chartable organisations looking after Muslims.  Much of this amount ends up with terrorist organisations like Muslim Brotherhood and others.  Fanatic Islamic criminals have found Australia conducive to promoting their agenda at various times.  In 2023, convicted terrorists was released from jail after serving most of his life imprisonment sentence, and is now living among common citizens.  He is an Algerian origin Australian. Islamic convert Neil Prakash aka Abu Khalid Al Cambodi of Fiji descent was stripped of his Australian citizenship after he was arrested in Turkey and convicted of being top recruiter for ISIS. Neil was extradited to Australia in 2022, and who knows when he will find a pro Islam legislature or judge who will over turn the stripping of his citizenship. Currently, Neil has denied attending 6 hearings in an Australian Court with his council citing mental health issues.  The truth is, just like Pakistani terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, Neil also does not believe in a non Sharia complaint legal system, hence he doesn’t want to be inside an Australian court.  Shockingly, the Australian govt is allowing him to get away with this.

These are some examples of how in the name of diversity and multiculturalism, Australia is putting itself in a very dangerous situation.  There needs to be complete clarity on the fact that Islam is not a culture, and it will never be able to fit into any non Islamic setting.  Australia is a multicultural country, and Islam stands out like a sore thumb in such an environment.


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