Christmas has no connection with Christians whatsoever.

It was a conversion tool to convert pagans and polytheistic faiths of northern hemisphere into Christian fold.
Why would a Christian celebrate Christmas which is basically worshipping Sun God (winter solstice) whereas they believe in only one God?

Just like the phrase “good morning” originated where Sun light is not available in all seasons. Worshipping Sun God of course made a lot of sense for all forms of lives on this planet.

Not just the Christians banned Christmas celebrations, they killed anyone who celebrated, had massive riots in the West to hunt down people and laid penalty who closed their business to celebrate. The puritans virtually banned the festival. The Protestant clerics are still opposed to the hyper-consumerism and the heavy materialistic extravaganza in enjoying the day. This year Donald Trump officially stressed we all need to greet “Merry Christmas”.

The festival was purposely adapted after catholic vs. protestant debates and fights to convert the local pagans into Christianity.

Systematic conversion of Pagan-idol-polytheistic worshippers into Christianity –

The Scandinavians believed in celebrating Yule.
The Germans worshipped God Oden.
The Romans worshipped Saturnalia, God of Agriculture & Mithra, the God of Sun.
So basically the winter solstice was wrapped as Christmas with one of the purposes being conversion. The bible has no reference to celebration of birth of the Christ.

So do not get surprised when you see your religious traditions purposely mixed with Christianity or if your kid gets attracted to some Santa Claus gifts. Another version of rice bag conversion mental problem practices by a chunk of their clerics.

Bhaarat is the land of Sant and not Santa, you get Gyaan and not Gifts.

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