The Communists of India want us to believe that they are the most progressive ideology who reject religion as the opium of masses and as regressive for women empowerment. It is duplicitous that while communist leaders like Brinda Karat promote Kiss For Love movement in front of RSS offices in Kerala and Delhi the party snuggles up to the jihadi SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India), the political wing of the jihadi terrorist organisation PFI (Popular Front of India) in Kerala for securing Chairperson’s seat in the Pathanamthitta Municipality in Kerala.

Notably, for all the acclaimed progressiveness both the LDF (Left Democratic Front led by CPM) & UDF (United Democratic Front led by the Congress) female candidates in Mallapuram, a Muslim majority district in Kerala where the writ of the jihadi PFI runs, in seats reserved for women put up posters showing their husband’s faces instead of their own as it is un-Islamic for women to show their face in public! So, it is ironical when Sharia compliant CPM calls BJP and the Sangh Parivar misogynist, patriarchal and anti-women. Even the SFI (Students Federation of India, the student union of CPM) puts up blank faces of its women candidates for election in Calicut University when the candidates hail from colleges in Mallapuram. These are not made-up stories but real facts that do not make to the headlines of the mainstream newspapers or websites in India as it is not secular to do so. So much for CPM’s  or Congress’ commitment to empowerment of women.

The Organiser dated 28.12.2020 has blown the lid off the political arrangement between the CPM and the Islamist political outfit SDPI to ensure that the Chairperson’s seat of Pathanamthitta Municipality, is bagged by the CPM. The quid pro quo between CPM and the jihadi SDPI is that CPM helps the independent candidate, Amina Hyderali, backed by the SDPI to be elected as the Vice-Chairperson of the municipality. To achieve this the plan, they staged a drama of abstention from voting by the three municipal councillors of the SDPI during the voting of CPM candidate for Chairperson post. Notably, the holy Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple falls under Pathanamthitta district.

The PFI’s history of Islamic terror came to fore when it chopped off a Christian professor, TJ Joseph’s hand for asking a question on Prophet Mohammad in an exam which the PFI considered as “blasphemous”. It is noteworthy that the PFI has been found to be an extremist Islamist organisation which is involved in anti-national activities and murdered many committed workers of the Sangh Parivar in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka engaged in Gauraksha and spreading awareness against Love Jihad like Prashanth Poojary, S. Vellaiyappan, Sachin Gopal, Rudresh etc.

In fact, the NIA (National Investigation Agency) had pointed to the PFI’s role in the brutal murder of Ramalingam, a PMK member, in Coimbatore when Ramalingam opposed PFI activists trying to convert poor Dalits to Islam. Also, the Uttar Pradesh police has come up with cogent evidence of the PFI’s role in violence and murderous riots under the garb of protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The PFI was also found to have a very major role in the famous love jihad case of Akhila Asokan aka Hadiya where it raised crores of rupees to pay senior Supreme Court lawyers like Kapil Sibal, Indira Jaising etc. for arguing on behalf of Akhila’s jihadi husband, who is a member of SDPI, in the Supreme Court.

It is pertinent to note that SFI student activist, Abhimanyu was murdered by the Campus Front of India, the student wing of the PFI in 2018. So, the CPM would have a lot of explaining to do to its own followers in Kerala to wriggle out of its tacit political compact with the Jihadi SDPI.

The brighter side of this development is that the leftists’ cloak of ultra-secularism is denuded and its deep ideological moorings of eliminating opposition by murder and mayhem finds complete meeting of minds in the jihadi principles of SDPI/PFI. If this trend is extended across Kerala perhaps, we will have many faceless women candidates of CPM, INC, SDPI etc., with their husbands’ face as proxy for them, standing for all elections! This jihadization of Kerala society is very unfortunate for a state famous for its ancient glorious Matriarchal Nair traditions.

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