While the Sonia Pariwar goes to the town along with their courtiers as flag bearers of Freedom of Expression, the Congress workers went on a rampage in Mumbai and destroyed Storia Foods office for making an advertisement mocking Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

Storia Foods, which manufactures packaged fruit juices made a hilarious advertisement mocking Rahul Gandhi’s inane blabber and wonderous logic with lines like, ‘You put grass from one end and get milk from the other’, to which the lady who plays Sonia Gandhi is seen visibly exasperated with her son and says, “That is called a cow”. Then the ad further shows the character playing Rahul further blabbering, “Are they empowered” looking at a fruit juice, a character playing a secretary looks puzzled, while the mother is handed over another bottle of juice. The mother is then visibly perturbed with the constant nonsensical blabber of her son and says, “will this ever get over”.

The Congress goons and leaders got so worked up about the advertisement, that they demolished the entire office premises of Storia foods, intimidated the staff there , raised slogans and very brazenly videographed the entire hoodlumism and posted it on the social media with fan fare.

The Congress Mumbai Chief, Bhai Japtap, proudly gloats over the brazen lawlessness, goondaism and terror unleashed by Congress workers and youth leaders to silence the freedom of expression and creativity of Storia Foods. The Congress Chief is seen congratulating the goondas for their violent behaviour in protest of the advertisement which perturbed them.

Prithi Gandhi, BJP’s In-charge of Social Media and Mahila Morcha leader expressed her disappointment over the fact that while the country and Mumbai city in particular is grappling with second wave of Covid pandemic, the Congress workers instead of helping people out in crisis are busy vandalising and terrorising commercial establishments by creating ruckus over their hurt sentiments over a parody.

The Bollywoodians who are ever ready to abuse Hindu Gods, Goddesses, festivals and traditions in the name of freedom of expression are silent over the whole Congress goondaism and oppression of creativity. While these pseudo intellectuals and their political masters outrightly abuse, and wish death to PM Modi and Amit Shah in their social media posts and call it freedom of expression, they cannot digest simple parody and humour at the expense of the Queen Bee and her dimwit son.

Ironically, Mr.Rahul Gandhi had at the height of Congress sponsored Award Wapasi and so-called “intolerance” drama, had tweeted on December 1st 2015, “Our greatest strength is our tolerance. Their (RSS, BJP) biggest weakness is their intolerance”.

The Congress’ claim of being a tolerant party is laughable as the so-called doyen of liberalism, Nehru himself imprisoned many people for writing articles and poems criticising him. The most famous one to be arrested was Majrooh Sultanpuri for penning a poem which called Nehru “a slave of the Commonwealth” and “an acolyte of Adolf Hitler”. The man was imprisoned for 10 days after which he never dared to criticise the Nehru family.

Indira Gandhi’s record of tolerance is well known with her reign of terror by imposing Emergency, where the newspaper editors were made to bend over backwards and crawl, editorial pieces and news report drafts were approved by administrative officers before they could go to print.

Last but not the least, a movie called Kissa Kursi Ka, criticising political corruption and authoritarianism was not only banned, all its reels and negatives were burnt completely. Likewise, when Mahur Bhandarkar a few years back made a movie called Indu Sarkar based on Emergency, the Congress goondas heckled, physically manhandled and even approached the courts to get the movie banned. When all things failed Bhandarkar was intimidated by the Bollywood mafia by booking up all the movie theatres, so that his movie could not be run successfully in theatres.

So, the recent violent attack on Storia Foods for making an advertisement for its product by a spoof on Sonia and Rahul is just an evidence of their brazen “Right to Goondaism as a Freedom of Expression”.

The Congress goons are as dumb as their leader, the Storia Foods advertisement which no one knew about has already become a most watched and liked advertisement video and their fruit juice is likely to get record sales if it is not banned by the autocratic MVA Congress supported government in Maharashtra!

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