Appropriation of the Sanatan Dharma has been going on for a long long time, Christianity is the primary religion trying to appropriate while Islam has appropriated mildly. We see the Muslim marriages in Pakistan & India have an element of music & dance that is not the tenet in other Islamic countries. While lot of people call it as Inculturation or Digestion of culture it is not entirely the case of the one-time snatch & grab. Here we will see what exactly is happening in the Indian context.

While India is having cultural exchanges with the rest of the world since thousands of years & continues to do so even today. Many people across the world have appreciated & enjoyed the cultural richness of India. But Inculturation & Digestion are quite a new concept. We focus on digestion of Indian culture by Christianity.

Missionaries were always working in India to convert the Hindus to Christianity, during the British rule, the missionaries moved slowly fearing the backlash from the local kings and it may go against the established British Raj. Post Independence missionaries had a free hand in propagating Christianity.

One of the difficulties that missionary had was to show Christianity as same as Hinduism to show relevance, so that the uneducated lower strata of the society can see the sameness in Hinduism & Christianity. Saffron that is sacred to Hindus has been used by Pastors & Fathers, the concept of Yatra was introduced to carry out annual festival of each & every region. The Mother Mary was ordained as Yeshu Mata. This sameness coupled with the promise of regular food & medical facilities have been instrumental in spreading Christianiy across India especially South & East India.  Recently in Punjab, missionaries have spread themselves thick, knowing that the Sikhs have a fondness to go out of India & get money. A lot of missionaries gave the promise of work Visa in a western countries & in lieu of that people started accepting Christianity.

A Christian procession having a Hindu Priest with a Janeu: courtest internet
Jesus showcased as a form of Natraja courtest internet

Realising the diversity of India in multiple regions, Christianity has tried to appropriate the regionwise sameness of the Hindu culture across geographies. Similarly the missionaries had unabated funding from the Western world & they use to compromise media & political parties to do their biddings in the society especially the left liberals & the communists.

The desperation of converting people to Christianity was so high that the missionaries started Satsang missions in line with the Satsang of holy sages, many people visiting Satsang remained the Hindus but were given the Christian teachings & the Pastor of the Satsang pushing these people to accept Christianity all along. It’s a whole industry wherein the money comes from western countries & the achievements are made in terms of number of Christian villages made & the Pastors pushing to build new churches & house churches across the region. It also gave a dictate to converts that the 10% of their salary needs to be deposited for the purpose of religious propagation, so it has become a self sustaining Industry.

Shaktipeeth or temple of Godess is appropriated in the manner palatable to Hindu converts

Christianity as all know is an exclusive religion & in India they have practised exclusiveness at times.

Once the missionaries realise that in a particular region they have reached a threshold of 20 to 30% of the total population then they start showing exclusiveness by destroying Temples & complaining to the authorities that the Hindu temples around their houses are hurting their sentiments, We see such numerous examples in Southern India, recent one being the Andhra Temple desecration., the statistics of Temple offences including theft, desecration, chariot burning & digging in Andhra are as follows:

2015:    163  

2017:    139

2018:    123

2019:    177

2020:    143

2021:    6 (First fortnight of January)       

The unforgetful image of Shri Ram at the Sita Lakshmana Kothandarama Temple in Ramatheertham,
Image of broken Idol recovered later

Christian Yoga, Christian Onam & Christian Purusha Suktham

Yeshu Purushuktam by Prof K.K Ninan book cover

To further digest Hindu culture, missionaries have started adopting Yoga & name it as Christian Yoga. They try to innovate parallels on Chakras & Holy Spirit. To propagate facts like Lord Jesus visited India during his lifetime. Hindu dieties also have Strotrams that are read to invoke the Dieties & on similar lines the Yeshu Purusha Suktham is also made and people recite it leading to full appropriation of the Dieties & convers feeling that they are worshipping one of the Crores of dieties that are in Hinduism.

Such rampant digestion of Sanatan Dharm is going on for many decades & it’s time for Hindus to wake up & take notice of the fact that it is not only Iculturation & digestion of the Sanatani culture but also the Jihaad on the land the the people of the Dharmic society. I will like to end this piece with a quote from J M Kenyatta

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