The basis of the 2 Nation theory was that muslims cannot live with Hindus. If that was true, why do they need to have 57 different Islamic nations?

What did they do with Islamic East Pakistan then?

They built entire cities from scratch in Pakistan by looting Bangladeshi muslims’ exports income by labeling them Kafirs. When the bangladeshi muslims resisted, they were killed, butchered and raped to death by Pak army.

What did they do with Partition?

In 1946 about 90% voted for muslim league (the owaisi kinds) which was demanding partition and then after creation, did not leave India.

What did they stay for?

Say for example, out of 5 brothers, 2 went to pakistan and took over properties of non-muslims, loot by violence there. The 3 remained here and kept the property of all 5 with them here.

So what kind of islamic state did they make in Pakistan?

Begging from outside, doing riots and terror jobs as proxy for other countries as product deliverable for getting begging bowls filled in.

So how does Central Asian islamic countries survive economically?

They are oriented to economics by communist Russia with decades of information warfare whereby they even eat pork and drink whisky even in mosques. They keep arabic jihad out of their countries.

And how is middle-east rich then?

The free crude oil which is now about 30 years stock left has kept them rich. immigrants find the oil, explore, take it out, pack it and sell. What do local Arabs do then mostly? Spent half the wealth in sponsoring jihad and crimes in entire South Asian region till date. Saudi+UAE recently woke up to the fact that if they don’t ditch jihad they will be back to camels soon.

What about Pakistani people now?

Well, the loot continues. Whoever is the wealth creator, the clerics declare them Kafir and then with the help of Pak army & terrorists they are looted to death. Since there are not much non-muslims left, they label the next wealth creating community among muslims as Kafir and then looting them to death (Shia, Ahmadiyas, hazaras, baluchis, pashtuns and so on).

The origin of this mob idea of looting is the Arabic desert which did not have any water, plants, production or manufacturing. So they had to loot to survive. The radicals mess, bomb and riot, so that others leave the area by selling off to them at 10-20% of the price.

The Kafir labeling factory led by clerics continue unabated until they finish off every wealth creator in the geography. Iran says Saudi Kafir, Saudi says Turkey Kafir, and the violence goes on and on and on and on. The comedy thing is that the clerics can make up anything to label kafir. Saudis say Iranians play chess which is not allowed so kafir. Iranians say Saudis use mike and headphones, so they are kafir. Basically any damn reason to loot a wealth creator works.

And if you ask, they will point to US, Israel, India etc. kind of conspiracy theories instead of ending jihad, taking modern education and doing some real economics.

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